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Healey: Red Sox Like Heilman, Milledge

Mark Healey of Gotham Baseball has a new but familiar trade rumor for us: it appears that the Red Sox would like to acquire Aaron Heilman to be their closer next year.  In addition, Theo Epstein and Co. may have their eye on Lastings Milledge.  It could be the makings of a Manny Ramirez trade, if the Mets want to pay Ramirez's $39MM salary over the next two seasons.

Healey was not able to confirm this info from multiple sources, but has faith in his Boston source here.

Manny's contract may be slightly less daunting than it looks.  That's because $8MM of the $31MM is deferred and will be paid out in $1.94MM doses over 2011-2026.  I believe that is the first time MLBTradeRumors has referenced the year 2026.


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As a red sox fan i think that would be a bad move for them,Horrible actually im sure Theo likes them but not for Manny they could do better I would lose my mind if they traded Manny for that

If the sox trade Manny they need pitching and by pitching I dont mean Heilman

Heilman is not enough, add Duaner Sanchez for some good mesures. Better yet sign a Soriano type player then make the move to trade Manny. Im tired of all his bull, but you van get a better deal from someone else, maybe the Cubs or Angels.

heilman and millege for manny? sign me up. this move would place the red sox as a dangerous team 2008 and beyond. just think of a 2008 outfield of pena, ellsbury, and millege. im there. if the red sox could swing a deal for adam dunn to play first, then deal lowell for bullpen (linebrink?) and move youkilis back to third, youve got i nice, young offensive core. im a fan.

Uhh...doesn't Heilman want to start? In fact didn't he piss off the Mets organization insisting that he should be a starting pitcher? And he just had elbow surgery, though I'm not sure how serious tennis elbow surgery is or if it poses any sort of risk to his future durability/skill.

Plus I don't like Heilman that much. Sorry to say it folks, but a 3.62 ERA in that park in the NL? Not so great. His strikeout and walk numbers are OK, and his baa was great...but I just don't see anything that suggests him capable of being any sort of "closer of the future" in the AL East.

Admittedly, though, I don't know a whole lot about him. And his 2nd half, now that I look at it, (33/11 k/bb in 37.1 IP, .194 BAA, .96 WHIP, 2.65 ERA) was fantastic. But I'm not convinced that he and Milledge alone are enough for Manny, even if they pay his full salary. I guess it all depends on how serious Boston is this year in getting rid of him...I suppose this MIGHT be the best available deal, and only the Mets would probably pay his full salary. But I also think that if a team throws in enough top-shelf, soon-to-be-ready prospects Boston can be convinced to pay part of the contract.

No no no. Aaron Heilman is going to be 29 years old, he's not really a youngster anymore. He has a career ERA of 4.17 in the National League. Milledge is good but I don't see this all coming together.

I'm looking for the Red Sox to get with the Angels for this one, with Juan Rivera or Ervin Santana in the center of the deal.

Frankly I'd be shocked by a manny for milledge/heilman deal... As much as people like talking about what a flake manny is and how they wouldn't give up much for him... He's a hall of fame hitter. He's among some of the best of this generation and probably one of the best of all time.

But I think heilman would accept a closer role over middle relief and starting. Closer has far more prestige than middle relief. Closers are considered usually a staff ace. Though my ultimate reservation... Theo knows position players and hitters... he does not know pitchers.


I'm sure Red Sox fans are just as tired of these rumors as I am.

*As a red sox fan i think that would be a bad move for them*

It really depends. Milledge is going to be decent and Heilman is an excellent reliever. He utterly dominated the Yankees for three innings in an early season relief appearance. A bad postseason does not a crappy pitcher make.

*I'm looking for the Red Sox to get with the Angels for this one, with Juan Rivera or Ervin Santana in the center of the deal.*

Yeah. Heilman sucks, but you want Ervin Santana? WTF!? Maybe i'm missing something, but Santana's K rate is pretty lousy, even if he HAS been lucky with the hits allowed.

Are you seriously suggesting that Heilman is more valuable than Ervin Santana?

Heilman is 29 years old with a decent career ERA in the national league.

Santana is 24, with an ERA of 4.28 this season in the American League with 340 innings already under his belt.

*Are you seriously suggesting that Heilman is more valuable than Ervin Santana?*
Yes. I've never liked Santana. I don't think he's going to improve very much. You are basically trading away a great stick for a league average innings eater.

Some people also drool over Brandon McCarthy, but that doesn't mean he's any great shakes.

How about Lackey instead of Santana. I like his stuff better.

I posted an answer to this on another board saying it would be stunning if the Mets traded any pitching for offense. They have enough offense for the NL but no where near enough starting pitching (especially if glavine goes back to Atlanta). Their starting rotation ranks behind more than a few NL teams

heilman and milledge aren't enough for manny, as a sox fan i love manny's bat but if he wants to go and we get a legitamate deal for him then we should definitly do it.\

the only way i see this working is if the mets pay all his salary and the sox use the money to get a big bat to replace manny (as well as they can anyways as there's only a few can truly fully replace him.)

Red Sox need to just be done with Manny once and for all. The final 6 or 7 weeks of the season was the final chapter as far as Im concerned. The Sox need to find a way to acquire Lidge and sign Soriano in the off season. Let Pena get a full year in right field and lets see what he can do. If the Sox can get anything for Manny its a plus.

It's been very difficult to go all these months without a bona-fide Manny trade rumor. I hope to hear several more over the next couple of months. I mean several dozen more. It kind of gets me through the winter until I can see him back in Fenway in April.

I'm a Manny-fan since his Cleveland days, & was stunned when the Mets passed on A-Rod & Manny in '00. I'd love to see him as a Met, but they'll probably wait until he's 40. I'd rather trade Beltran,Zambrano,Heilman,& Ring for Ramirez,Crisp, & some prospect/project. I've heard the Sox have greatly soured on Crisp, otherwise I would think he's not available. The Mets are dumb to not pay his money, Manny behind Delgado would be killer.
Though if I'm a Sox fan, I probably don't want Zambrano more than I want Heilman.

If there is a Manny trade it will happen before the Winter meetings in Orlando so if The Sox do trade him they can try to replace his production(which will be very hard)
Manny Rumors that will come up(some more relistic then others)

1.Manny for Arod-get this out of your minds it wont happen
2.Manny to the Angels for Santana and Prospects-a possible deal,personaly i think the ANgels will make this move and end up with Manny
3.Manny to the Mets for crap!-wont happen
4.Manny to the Tigers for Bonderman-wouldnt shock me
5.Manny for Ichiro-wouldnt be surprised
6.A Manny deal is done(finally) to some team and Manny desides he wants to stay in Boston and uses his 10-5 rights

"The Sox need to find a way to acquire Lidge and sign Soriano in the off season."

No, they don't. I have about as much faith in Lidge performing like a dominant closer in Boston as I do Beckett winning the Cy Young. Which is to say, a little, but not much...it's entirely possible...but extremely unlikely.

If Lidge's trade value is low enough that Houston will give him to Boston for less then 1-2 top prospects, then it's a good risk. But other then that, Lidge is a guy who's spent his entire career on a low-pressure NL team, blew up in the post-season, and never seemed to recover his confidence. Head-cases do NOT work in Boston. That being said, it's worth the risk by virtue of his stuff, IF the price is low.

And Soriano just had a contract year-type season, and he won't be worth what he commands in price.

As for a Manny-Ichiro or Manny-Bonderman straight-up...no way in hell. Ichiro is 33, and though a great hitter, doesn't answer the problem of who protects Ortiz. And Bonderman? I don't think Detroit is going to give him up that easily...and he's not worth Manny+Prospect.

I love how people are saying that Milledge+Heilman isn't enough for Manny. IMO, its too much. Both of them for 2-3 years of Manny? I respect the guy, but he's 35. He won't be worth anything near $20m for the rest of his career.


Heilman for Burrell.... now we're talking.

Ahahaha, pardon me I had to laugh at that. Burell?! He's average at best, Your better of going for Dunn than him.

It would take WAY more than Heilman+Milledge to get Dunn. I don't want to overpay for Manny, so let's look at Burrell.

He posted a .258/.388/.502/.890 line in 2006. Far from 'average at best'.

Plus, with our lineup, we don't need a Manny or Dunn caliber player. Heilman for Burrell works for both sides. Regardless of whether he starts or not, he can help the Phills rotation and bullpen.

heilman for burell is about ten times gillicks asking price.

I haven't heard an asking price, but Heilman for Burrell with the Phills paying some of his remaining salary works for both sides.

If we could get Burrell for someone like Bannister, I would pounce on it. But that ain't happening...

Ya i agree with anthoneytheghost. I like Burrell as a player but Heilmann is way more than he is worth. If you offered Gillick Heilman hed take the deal right away. But it probably wouldnt happen as they are in the same division and all.

Burrell : that's a joke-right? I'm gonna have to write your names down for all those who want Burrell so I can understand in the future whose opinion is worth anything around here.Geeze.Heilman for Burrell. Only if Heilman blew a game 7 of a WS or NLCS-oh wait...
Burrell's a bumb-HE'S A PHILLIE AND CAN'T SUCCEED!(He's not Endy Chavez)
You want an X-Phillie, sign Rowand, or doesn't he bring enough defensive grit? (no Heilman req.)
Manny should of been a Met 2-3yrs ago when he was offered for free to anyone willing to take his $$. Now it's just getting dumb. Trade Beltran for him & save Milledge/Heilman for a Willis or something.

P.S. BUY KAZMIR BACK!!! TB needs more money than they have rain.

Perhaps you missed it:

An .890 OPS is hardly a "bum". Also, he hit even better on the road than in CBP.

What are you a Sox fan? Why in god's name would the Mets trade one of, if not THE best outfielder in the game for Manny and his salary?

Heilman and Milledge won't get Willis. That will take Milledge and Pelfrey, and probably more.

Burrell hit only .260 against the Mets this year, but I swear he's over .300 for his career against them. It might be worth it just to have him not bat against the mets.

you redsox fans are hilarious, almost as bad as yankee fans. Do you not see what an amazing trade it would be for your side to get milledge and heilman, for manny, a guy that complains all day long, takes days off when the scorekeeper messes up lmao, and is on the downside of his career. Hilarious. No way in hell the Mets make this trade

9 yrs late..... you are calling people dumb and making fun of burrel when i am pretty sure you just said Beltran for Manny..... wait WHAT? i have one question. Was your birth the result of your Dad raping his sister or something, or were you just hit in the head as a child. Beltran for Manny lmao. Um any redsox fan would jump at that deal, and do me a favor, uhh kill yourself or something

i cant believe how ridiculously stupid some of these posts are. Screw Ramirez, screw burrel, screw sheffield, how bout a guy thats a free agaent that we wont have to give up talent for. Carlos Lee, Soriano? why not make a run at one of these guys, if a deal doesnt get done it doesnt get done. I wouldnt mind having Milledge or Endy Chavez starting opening day, thats fine by me, what we can really use is some pitching

jersey met fan you had an amazing point about the ramirez thing being not even close to what we want for milledge and heilman, until u said burrel lol. i have one more thing to say just so every knows i am clear on this. FUCK pat burrel. thanks

u guys are forgettin that manny is a headcase past his prime, i do love the guy thoguh but he will be 35

9 yrs later its official i read one of your posts and tought u were an idiot, now u officially dont deserve to live lolfuck manny and crisp beltran is untouchable omg i cant believe hopw stupid u r
do u realize what beltran did this season, r u seriously retarted?

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