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Olney: A's Offer Thomas Two Years

So the A's second offer for Frank Thomas is two years, $8MM, not all guaranteed.  Which begs the question, is the Big Hurt still in it for the money?  Because he could command much more on the open market.

As I mentioned in Oakland's team outlook, there's a decent chance Beane lets Thomas walk.  It all depends on whether he'll take a pay cut to stay.


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Even for the past few years, it's never been an issue of ability; it's been an issue of health with Frank. I wouldn't necessarily throw out more than 4M a year at him, but even one healthy year of the Big Guy is worth a full 8M or more. He's always been one of the best hitters we've ever seen, and I doubt that will stop until his health does so for him.

its going to come down to this off-season. if he works hard and comes back in better shape than this year, it can only help him. there's no doubt that he's worth 8 million over a year when healthy. and that milton bradley character, havent heard much from him...i wonder if it has anything to do with him...

Tim, what's your prediction for him in 07?

For Bradley? Something similar to this year, .280/.360/.450. If he could stay healthy and play some center...that'd be pretty valuable.

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