Unfounded Rumor: Aramis Ramirez

I have debated about posting this one because I can’t verify the source.  Some folks have confirmed that this is indeed in the ballpark, so I’m going to go with it.  As you know, MLBTradeRumors doesn’t pretend to be a newspaper, so I am just going to post this info under Unfounded Rumors because I can’t get multiple sources to confirm.  The beauty of a self-owned blog I guess.

I am told that Aramis Ramirez‘s agent Paul Kinzer is asking for six years at $15MM per or seven years at $14MM annually.

Jim Hendry’s counteroffer: five years, $70MM guaranteed (11/12/15/16/16), sixth year vests at $14MM with a team option and seventh year a player option at $14MM.  Full no-trade 2007-09, partial no-trade 2010-13.

If true, it seems like a gap the Cubs can close.  Thoughts? 

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