Tim Getting Married? Oh my..

Tim invited me to post a few comments while he is off on his honeymoon. I suppose my first post should be titled "Why, Tim?" but I’ll leave that alone. Instead, I’ll throw you a few general tidbits today so you have some reading material over the weekend.

The Rockies and Marlins have had some interest in acquiring Chris Duffy from the Pirates but word out of Pittsburgh is, Duffy isn’t available.

I posted a new article at Bucco Blog: Marginal $/Marginal Wins: 1999 – 2006 which tends to show the front office efficiency of MLB teams over the last eight years.

David Pinto has started to release his year-end PMR (Probabilistic Model of Range) defensive stats based on ball in play data.

Dan Syzmborski is also starting to release his 2007 offensive player ZIPS projections at The Baseball Think Factory.

David W. Smith presented a paper titled "Effect of Batting Order (Not Lineup) on Scoring" at SABR’s 2006 national convention. It’s a great read. You can look through some of the better SABR papers at Retrosheet’s research section.

Baseball-Reference has added a lot of great features so far this off season including box scores for every game since 1957, batting and pitching gamelogs, and my favorite, splits. Here is Zach Duke’s splits to give you an idea.

Until next week, join me in sending Tim and his new bride congrats — *Jake toasts his Corona*.

By Jake at Bucco Blog

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