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Tim Getting Married? Oh my..

Tim invited me to post a few comments while he is off on his honeymoon. I suppose my first post should be titled "Why, Tim?" but I'll leave that alone. Instead, I'll throw you a few general tidbits today so you have some reading material over the weekend.

The Rockies and Marlins have had some interest in acquiring Chris Duffy from the Pirates but word out of Pittsburgh is, Duffy isn't available.

I posted a new article at Bucco Blog: Marginal $/Marginal Wins: 1999 - 2006 which tends to show the front office efficiency of MLB teams over the last eight years.

David Pinto has started to release his year-end PMR (Probabilistic Model of Range) defensive stats based on ball in play data.

Dan Syzmborski is also starting to release his 2007 offensive player ZIPS projections at The Baseball Think Factory.

David W. Smith presented a paper titled "Effect of Batting Order (Not Lineup) on Scoring" at SABR's 2006 national convention. It's a great read. You can look through some of the better SABR papers at Retrosheet's research section.

Baseball-Reference has added a lot of great features so far this off season including box scores for every game since 1957, batting and pitching gamelogs, and my favorite, splits. Here is Zach Duke's splits to give you an idea.

Until next week, join me in sending Tim and his new bride congrats -- *Jake toasts his Corona*.

By Jake at Bucco Blog


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And the bachelor ranks bid you a fond farewell... Just remember, marriage is the great institution... but who wants to be in an institution. *Raises bottle of Irish whiskey* Congrats, blessings, and have a happy time.

Excuse my ignorance, but why would any team be interested in acquiring Chris Duffy and his .655 OPS?

Am I missing something?

I have no clue why teams are inquiring about a scrub like Duffy.

And furthermore, why isn't Pittsburgh making him available? He's basically a 4th outfielder who's going to be 27.

No idea....this one baffles me.

Ahhh Marriage In honor of Tim getting married I think we should following the footprints of one of his discontunied blogs and Place odds on the legnth it will last. I'll put the over under at 15.5. He seems really committed I would have put it higher but it might been hard to get anyone to bet the over then.

Tim.. as a married man myself.. let me introduce you to the 3 RINGS of marriage..

1. Engagement RING

2. Wedding RING

3. Suffe-RING

"Why, Tim?"

The man obviously hates sex.

I hope Duff makes you eat your words...he probably won't, but a kid can pray, can't he?

I think this is one scenario that season stats can't paint the whole picture. Duffy's OPS from '06 is miserable, but most of that is due to a horrendous start of the year when he didn't get along with new manager Jim Tracy. Tracy tried adjusting Duffy's approach at the plate (which had yielded a .341 AVG from '05) and Duff slumped miserably. He ended up splitting with the club--going home and then to AAA--until after the all-star break.

When Duff came back to the team, he played like his old self. The kid can play great defense and is a successful runner on the basepaths. I'd say he's better than a fourth outfielder, and that on a team like the Pirates, he's a viable CF option. If he proves he's not just a second half player, he could turn into one of the game's better centerfielders.

Why he's not on the block--that's a completely different story. The Bucs have Andrew McCutchen at AA/AAA in '07 and a number of "stopgap" type players to hold the fort until he's ready for the show.

A New Pirates Generation

piratesgen i agree i think duffy is a good player. Hes really fast, and like u said he came up in 05 for like 40 games and raked. He can be a leadoff hitter on a team like the marlins, and also patrol center field in that huge ass stadium. He can probably steal 40 to 50 bags, if im not mistaken he swiped around 25 in a half a season this year.

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