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Cardinals Checking On Carl Pavano

Bernie Miklasz of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that the Cardinals are "doing some advance work to check out Carl Pavano's physical status."  He later notes:

"PLEASE do not say something like, 'Bernie says the Cardinals are getting Pavano.' Because I'm NOT saying that."

It sounds like the Cards are at least kicking the tires a little bit.  Pavano makes $10MM in 2007 and $11MM in 2008 with a $13MM club option for 2009 with a $1.95MM buyout.  Basically, he's owed $23MM for his age 31-32 seasons.


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I hope they get him. At this point I'd rather have Marquis than Pavano so if the Cards get Pavano and pencil him in it is to the rest of the NL Central's advantage.

Pavano for Duncan

No way Marquis is a better pick up than Pavano. Yes, he has been injured. But his stuff was SICK in Florida before he was hurt. You know Marquis has very limited potential, and Pavano could bounce back and do what Chris Carpenter did after his injury. This would be a good pickup, potentially great.

With signing pettitte, if Cash wants to reduce payroll for next year, he has to trade pavano.

I think someone will bite. If he really is healthy, he could perform in the NL. Lots of pitchers have gone from yankees oblivion to having decent numbers elsewhere. (Weaver, KRogers, Contreras, to a lesser degree Javy Vazquez)

Even though pavono may be a good pickup, he is not worth duncan. While duncan could be a key asset to the yankees in the future, i believe the yankees would rather want to trade for a reliever. Even though i dont think that pavono is worth duncan, if the yanks pay a substantial portion of pavonos salary, then the cards may wanna trade duncan for pavono. And this is a move the cards seem to typically make... i.e. woody williams, and chris carpenter, two pitchers who were injured at first but wound up becoming an ace for the cards.

If Duncan can turn around a guy like Weaver, there's no reason he can't turn around Pavano.

If the Cards acquired Pavano, I would be nervous if I were a fan of a NL Central team. When healthy and pitching at full capacity, he has the potential to be a top of the rotation starter.

It's not a matter of "turning Pavano around" SBE. It's his health everyone's worried about.
If we DO trade Duncan, we had better find another outfielder with some pop...looks like Guillen may be the best bet, and I wouldn't mind that...with him in the field and Pavano in the rotation, I think we are a much more balanced team.

Duncan for Pavano would be a joke of a trade for the Cardinals, especially when it is known that the yankees really want to trade pavano. If he really was healthy, they wouldn't be trying to trade him so hard. It's not like their offense needs any work.

stormstarter, agreed, everything u said is accurate. Not to mentio the fact that he is a better fit with the cards then the cubs because the cubs already have a whole rotation of guys who cant play a whole season. Comparing pavanos talent to marquis talent is an absolute joke though. When both are healthy, it isnt even close

Duncan for Pavano would not be a "joke of a trade". Pavano has tremendous talent, and if he's healthy he will make a fantastic 1-2 punch with Carp. I love Duncan, but he's a complete wreck in the outfield, and I don't know if he can repeat in '07 with the same numbers as last year...Both players are a gamble, but we need pitching more, and could still sign a decent replacement outfielder.

are you guys talking about 'Chris' Duncan? (sorry, i don't know NL teams well)

if Duncan is an outfielder, then i think there wouldn't be trade of Duncan for Pavano, because the Yankees have a lot of outfielders already (Matsui, Damon, Abreu, Melky Cabrera)

i'd think it would be Pavano for a reliever and a prospect with the Yankees picking up some of Pavano's salary

Duncan played 1st in the minors, and is a MUCH better 1st baseman than he is an outfielder (to be fair, he's probably a better accountant than he is an outfielder).

^that would've been great, because the Yankees want a firstbaseman who can hit..

the problem is that the Yankees want a RIGHT-HANDED hitting firstbaseman

They probably WANT a lot of things, but they also have to be realistic. They need to dump Pavano badly, and if Duncan is their best option (which appears to be the case) then they'll take him.

We dont need to dump Pavono. We're the Yankees for cryin out loud. We only have 4 healthy starters if you dont count Pavono. RJ wont be ready for the begining of the season. I see the yanks leaving RJ to rehad for a while and bringing him around by the ASB al la Rogers Clemons last year. This would give us a rotation of
1 Wang
2 Pettite
3 Moose
4 Igawa (if we sign)
5. Pavono

If any get injuried we have Karstens/Rasner/Clippard/Hughes/Sanchez that we can call up. This way if Pavono is really healthy would could package him or someone else and get more inreturn when RJ is completely healthy.

Jose Guillen signed with Seattle aleady.

What about Duncan for Maholm if you are the Cards do you do this trade?

Gives the Cards another young arm to go with Reyes and Wainwright. And gives the Pirates the LH 1st baseman the covet. Then if I'm the Pirates I look at a Gonzalez to Angels for J. Rivera and Mathis package.

Ok the only reasonable thing i look at this is trading juan encarnacion and maybe John rodriguez or braden looper to the yankees for pavano. i would not trade duncan out his young and powerfull.

If that happens the cardinals should sign free agent Trot nixon to add a good left hander and left fielder, leaviing duncan at right field.

SS- eckstein
2b- kennedy
1b- pujols
rf-duncan or nixon
lf-nixon or duncan
c- molina
p- carp

pavano if healthy
wainright or another free agent

and that other guy i forget the name

if they do that thats a pretty good team, and by the season they can pull a trade for another pitcher if the wells, wainright or even pavano thing isnt working that good, maybe mark buherle of the white sox

o yea russ springer, thompson and randy flores.

but i think the starting rotation will need at least 1 lefty

wells or wainright.

i know this probaly wont happen but i just wanted to post the idea.

if they get rid of chris duncan, then they will REALLY NEED to sign trot nixon and shift encarnacion to left field.

Why on earth would the Yankees trade for Juan Encarnacion???!

yea thats why i named so other names, i realized that has not chance at all, maybe looper and some other prospects might do it
or just chris duncan. but if the cards get rid of duncan they better sign nixon

Is Isringhausen pitching next year with his hip surgery ??? I thought he was contemplating retirement....

he is pitching next year, there are some reports he is doing just fine afyer the hip surgery, but wont pitch until may or so. i think they will move tyler johnson or josh kinney to the closer role, i really likes those 2 guys.

wainwright will most likely start the year as the closer and then move into the rotation once izzy is healthy. IMO that was the whole point of the kip wells signing, to get a guy who can pitch when needed, basically a 6th starter.

dont forget pavano is pitching in the AL.

if the cards trade and get pavano u think they trade reyes for Crawford or sign nixon

I don't see the Cards going after Crawford at all. Duncan is more valuable than Pavano, so straight up We would need the Yanks to take on some of Pavano's salary. This has Jocketty written all over it. Getting talented pitchers on the rebound. a la Weaver 06 when the Angels paid half of Weavers remaining contract.

id love to see crawford in the cardinals that would be a perfect fit but i doubt this will happen

id love to see crawford in the cardinals that would be a perfect fit but i doubt this will happen


Looks to me like the best rotation in the NL Central. If Weaver doesn't re up with us where will he be going?

i think the astros might slightly have a better roation

clemens maybe

and they got some 1 to back up berkman, lee.

the cardinals dont have any 1 to back up pujols wich will probaly have tons of IBB if he starts red hot again.

clemens is make or break for that rotation. If the astros do work something out for Garland after all. that would give them the edge too.
I disagree about Pujols's protection. I think Rolen is sufficient, although I don't know why no one walked him last year

Also........ Is Edmonds comes back healthy, he is a beast... The lineup has potential if they stay healthy.....if if if ....is there any team in the national league without at least 3 "ifs"

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