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Giants Offered Zito Four Years?

Will Carroll posted yesterday at BP Unfiltered with some info from the rumor mill.

Carroll confirms that growing sentiment that the Rangers are out on Barry Zito.  He also volunteers some new info: the Giants offered a four-year deal to the southpaw.  That would have to be at least $70MM.  Carroll expects a decision from Zito next week.

He also hints at a big three-team deal with three major players involved.  Will cruelly decided not to name names.


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That was mean by Will not telling us what he is talking about now my mind will be running like crazy on all the possibilities!

My guess that one Theo Epstein,Billy Beane or JS in Atlanta is involved

how big are these "BIG" names?
"and one three-team deal that has three BIG names. I’m going to tease you with the last one because it’s close enough that reporting it just might jinx it."

if its close how come we havnt heard anything as of yet?
would this be the one involving Mike Gonzalez/Adam Laroche/someone else? i know there was another name involved with a 3rd team, but i cant remember now.. but i wouldnt call them BIG names.

would Rios be considered a BIG name to be involved in a trade?

This reports was yesterday so its either dead by now or even closer

Did the trade officaly happen already because f it did this guy is being pretty mean not to tel us what teams and payers are involved. I think it's probably like the yankees pirates and rockies. it would be nice to see if the Cubs were involved.

Here is for wishful thinking

manny to la angels
andruw to the red sox
vlad to the braves

ill go sniff some more glue and think of some other scenerios lol

Seriously, I would not be surprised if schuerholx was involved with how much the braves have been involved in rumors this offseason. I figure if the braves are involved, it either involves Laroche, hudson, or ajones, or it has rios or baldelli coming to atlanta. My personal preference, a three team swap where we trade Laroche and get rios or baldelli in return. My ideas have no source, just speculation

that would be a huge trade. the only big name i think he Cubs would have that they will be willing to give up is Jaque Jones.

yankees pirates rockies, lol why would i not be surprised if helton winds up in new york

my guess is this trade is the angels/rockies and someone else.

I'm guessing Kotchman gets shipped out of LA to a 3rd party and in return the 3rd party is taking on a ton of heltons salary or something like that. Obviously the rockies would get something from the 3rd party as well.

he said that very big names are involved though. And noone has answered my question yet has the deal already appened.


Hillenbrand to Angels

No it hasnt happend kevybo1

The Will Carroll follow-up is here:


"The three team deal that seemed close over the weekend doesn’t seem so close now as the complexity has increased."

He names a dozen players, so really doesn't give anything. I think he was making it all up.

Sounds it was Andruw Jones

the devilrays should trade Rocco Baldelli for Dontrelle Willis. I know it's never going to happen but that wolud be prett cool.

OMG! What about the Mets? Where is Omar? Come on!!!

would Rios be in any type of deal for Willis?
ive read that Florida wants someone for CF, Rios fits that. ive seen Florida fans say theyd be willing to give up someone other than Willis, but maybe Willis actually is available, and Rios could be offered?

i really want Jaque Jones to be one of the big names that are metioned but i doubt it.

I'd think it would be really cool to see the Cubs or the Devilrays get Dontrelle Willis. The Devilrays could offer Rocco Baldelli or something.

If Zito signs with the Giants I will never take him seriously on anything ever again...

Didnt we just have a post contemplating whether or not Rios could get Dtrain?
Didnt pretty much everyone agree that would never ever ever never happen?

Alex Rios IS NOT WORTH Dontrelle Willis.

Jaque Jones is not a big name!!!!

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