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Giants Talking To Bengie Molina

Henry Schulman of the San Francisco Chronicle reports that the Giants are in "serious negotiations" with free agent catcher Bengie Molina.  Molina will be 33 next season; he posted a career high .467 SLG for Toronto in 2006.

Beyond Molina, the catcher market consists of Mike Piazza, Mike Lieberthal, Rod Barajas, and Javy Lopez. Other clubs that could be shopping for a starting catcher include the Phillies, Angels, Padres, and Rockies.


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The Giants? But Molina's only 33. Certainly Sabean can find someone older than that.

i cant believe how quickly Lopez's numbers have dropped.... steriods???

This would be a great signing for the Giants. He is a good catcher with a good arm.

He will give the Giants some needed power and hitting ability. He just cant run very fast.

Don't the Giants have a bunch of money tied up in Mike Matheny? If so, this doesn't make any sense to me.

Mathney isn't likely to come back from post concussion syndrome. I'd think the Giants would go after Benito Santiago now that he wants to comeback, he's more in their age bracket. :)

That should read Matheny.

I saw bengie play all last year. I think he's a good fit for the Giants. His defence sucks, so you know, but he's a 20 homer, .285 guy....mosttly against lefties. But he's a vet and the giant's like that. He's also a really nice guy and fan fav, and somewhat "clutch" for what thats worth.

Bengie certainly wouldn't slow down the giants run game any...

I just figured out like a week ago he's related to Yadier. I have no idea why.

The Phillies might be looking for a catcher, but not a starter. By all reports, Carlos Ruiz is their guy for the bulk of catching duties next season. Most of us who follow the club are pretty happy with this, though personally I wouldn't have minded them bringing back Lieberthal in a reserve role.

hey yeah DR.lingerie....i am amazed at javy lopez, his body just sorta shu t down and froze up i dont think it was roids, i think the baltimore air did something. I remember i was excited when he signed here, but even his first year as an oriole wsnt all that great

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