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2007 Free Agent Market: Catchers

Updated 12-23-06

Looking for a new starting backstop after the 2006 season?  These are your free agent options.

Javy Lopez - Lopez caught just 38 games in 2006, so who knows how he'll be behind the plate at age 36.  He'll have to take a huge pay cut from this year's $8.5MM.  The Rockies could sign him despite the presence of Yorvit Torrealba and Chris Iannetta on the roster.


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This was put up long ago but I'm a new user and just read this. The Braves should ship Pratt out and bring Lopez back to Atlanta. Maybe not next year because his bat may still be decent enough to DH or play first but when hes older he would be a more perfect mentor for McCann than anyone because he knows the Braves organization and ow they like to play.

I just thought I would point out that the Diamondbacks are likely going to trade Johnny Estrada this offseason. He doesn't have any plate disapline, but he hits alot and is decent defesively.

The reason Arizona is up for a trade is that he has shown a lack of hustle from time to time and isn't the greatest in the clubhouse. He is still great offensively for a catcher, and may fill a hole for a team.

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