Mets To Woo Zito, Pass On Giles

According to the New York Post, David Wright will put on the charm to attempt to reel in Barry Zito for the Mets.  He’s offered to give Zito a tour and basically questions his manhood if he plays elsewhere.  But if the Mets, aren’t willing to go to the six-year, $100MM range, Zito won’t be joining them.

Meanwhile, Willie Randolph made it clear that Jose Valentin, (and presumably not Marcus Giles), will be at second for New York in 2007.  That’s a shame, because Giles is probably the better bet.  Some team, perhaps Tampa Bay, may have a bargain on its hands in Giles.   

A source tells me that various clubs are asking about Double A first baseman Michel Abreu, a Cuban refugee.  I think the return would be limited given that he may be turning 32 in February.  Despite his age, Abreu did post a .900+ OPS at Double A and in the AFL this year.

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