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Nontender Candidates

Here's a running list of players who could become free agents this afternoon.  The list was informed in part by a fine Derrick Goold post and Marc Topkin's article today for the St. Petersburg Times.  And then some more added from RotoWorld.  Did we miss anyone?

Josh Fogg
Shawn Chacon
Rodrigo Lopez
Joel Pineiro
Marcus Giles
Chris Reitsma
Ben Broussard
Toby Hall
Mark Hendrickson
Yorvit Torrealba
David Newhan
Todd Williams
Jorge Sosa
Brendan Donnelly
Brandon Duckworth
Kyle Snyder
Chin-Hui Tsao
Javier Lopez
Humberto Cota
Antonio Perez
Eric Bruntlett
Brad Wilkerson
Jason Lane
Jody Gerut
Jayson Werth
Aaron Guiel


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So, what exactly do the Dodgers have to show for that trade last year?

that actully agood list better than last years. i think Broussard coud be the Eric Byrnes of last year. a guy that was non-tendered and got picked up cheap then had a career year. and the pitchers are going to reap in the rewards non-tendered or not

What's everyone's opinion on what the 'Stros should do for a Number #2 pitcher? Also, I've heard that Jake Peavy is on the table? That should be a no brainer. What about Brad Penny or Derek Lowe? Does the Schmidt signing make one of them expendable? Thoughts?

I hope the Yanks hold-off on Mientky and pounce on Broussard.

The Astros have major rotation problems. They should try to acquire Jennings for non-starting pitchers. Wheeler and Burke seems fair.


If the Braves trade Laroche away then why not pick up Broussard. I to believe that he could be the Eric Byrnes of last year. Thorman will be good, but we could platoon him at first with Broussard to help him into the league. Broussard would fit well int our order. With McCann moving up we would end up with:
1. Lead-off TBD (hopefully Baldelli if he decides to stay healthy this year).
2. Renteria
3. C. Jones
4. A. Jones
5. McCann
6. Francoeur
7. Broussard and Thorman
8. Second Base
9. Pitcher
Fits well into the order and is productive. Would be a very good pick up IF the Braves trade Laroche. This would probably actually turn out to be a good move.

if i were a betting man, I'd say one of the top four names on that list will be in St. Louis next year. STL rotation is always picked over castoffs

You have to believe that one of those pitchers is going to get a Jason Marquis like deal. My money is on Pineiro or Fogg. That Giles situation could get very interesting if he decides to go to some place like San Diego. And I kind of think Toby Hall could be a steal for a team in need of a catcher. I always thought he was a sort of solid catcher and he can hit (for a catcher). Any idea where he would fit in? The only places that are popping into my head right now are Colorado and Texas. What about Boston? If they can't get Miribelli(sp?) I would think Hall wouldn't be the worst they could come up with.

Maybe this is the part of baseball i dont understand. Why would the Dodgers non-tender Toby Hall and Mark Hendrickson.

First off, Hendrickson is a lefty and can now start and did very well late in the season as a reliever. He can be usefull as a starter should a rookie falter and as a reliever. So giving him away for nothings seems wrong.

Hall is a good catcher. He didnt get to play much for the Dodgers but did a good job recieving and did a great job hitting once he got here. The Dodgers obviously have Liebs signed for the backup role, but why not keep him, or trade him before you get nothing.

Letting athletes go seems to be the dumbest choice a GM could make. Once they are non-tendered we get nothing. Am i missing something, do teams get draft picks from non-tendered cadidates?

Where I expect big things from Broussard I don't think he would be a good fit with Atlanta. Thorman bats lefty so a platoon makes no sense. I think Pittsburg would be a good place for Broussard and R. Lopez to fall. Lopez will provide them with that RHSP they want and Broussard gives them a young LH1B with power. If the Yankees are willing to give up Proctor and Cabrerra for Gonzalez the Pirates should JUMP on that offer. But I would like a Colon and Monroe from Detroit.

Stros- Peavy is not available...the Padres said they wouldn't trade him.

So Peavy is off the table? That leaves Jennings as the only "real" trade option out there for the 'Stros then. That kinda sux :( Anyway, Tim, if you get a chance, how would Jennings fair in MMP? What's his salary like too? Thanks!!

i think the cards go after Pineiro so they have

that's pretty solid

Would Chacon or Pineiro fit onto an Astros rotation? I know that nether of these guys are possible #2 starters, but...just throwing things out there. I seem to remember that last year the Yanks were all hot to trot over Pineiro, is he that good, cuz a quick look at his stats seems like he's a little shaky.

I agree with Cheek that the Cards should go after Pineiro, as I think he's the only guy with real potential. Maybe a change of scenery will get him back to what he was when he first came in the bigs. But then do we want Weaver or Pineiro, or both? And from that question, do we want Wainwright in the rotation or the bullpen, especially if Izzy is still closing?

Am I the only Cards fan that is afraid that this is the year that our cheapy approach is going to fail miserably?

"Letting athletes go seems to be the dumbest choice a GM could make. Once they are non-tendered we get nothing. Am i missing something, do teams get draft picks from non-tendered cadidates?"

When a player goes to arbitration, he's already guarenteed a raise. If his performance can't be justified by his pay or the team is cost concerned, they'll likely be non-tendered. Most of those players were probably on the trading block, but the lack of trades and interest in those players goes to show why they'll be non-tendered.

I'm a Cards fan, and I am getting a little worried. Luckily the Central is going to suck, and it shouldn't take much to stay on top, but Jocketty has to do SOMETHING significant, and fast. I think it's time for Wainwright in the rotation...our bullpen is absolutely stacked, even without him. LaRussa said Izzy will close when healthy. I think we re-sign Weaver and then we have to make a trade...Pavano is looking more likely every day.

Carp, Pavano, Weaver, Reyes, and Wainwright/Wells would be great. Anything less than that and we're in trouble.

beeniez... so your saying that most teams would rather get nothing to get rid of certain players... even if they have value. I would rather trade Hendrickson and Hall for a AA prospect with some potential that just let them walk.

i don't think were getting weaver so we need wainwright to start because you want one of your best pitchers throwing 200 innings not 80 innings and if izzy not ready by opening day you can have looper or spinger close

They don't want to get rid of them, and it's not like they didn't try trade any of them. But, their teams either can't or won't pay for them. Lack of interest in those players for the price they are/will be paid is why they'll be cut loose.

Teams have a good idea to who won't be tendered a contract, and could just wait it out and sign him cheaper in free angency. If they are that desperate for one of those players, they probably would have been traded by now.

I'm a Cubs fan so I really have no room to talk with regards to closers and all that jazz, but if you are relying on Looper to close games stuff is going to hit the fan. I still think the Cards have to sign one more starter just to cover themselves in case Iggy isn't able to go on opening day (or breaks down in season). That way you'll have the flexibility to move Wainwright to the closers role where, judging by his performance in the playoffs, he would basically dominate.

Cheek...what makes you think we're not getting Weaver? (just curious)

hawkeye-Looper would not have to close for long...Izzy (not "Iggy") will possibly be healthy at the start of the year. If not, he will be shortly after the start. Our rotation is a much bigger concern than closer right now. Looper/Springer could hold down the fort for a little while.

Sorry, brain fart on that one with the name and all. But doesn't Izzy have a injury history? I'm just going on what I remember happening to my fantasy team when I relied on him for a few years. He's pretty darn good when he's in there, but I get the feeling he's pretty fragile.
And that new extended list on the front has one name on it that my Cubbies would HAVE to get: Brad Wilkerson. I realize he's not a "complete" player and he strikes out and lot and blahblahblah, but he would fit very nicely into center and would be another lefty bat in a right handed lineup. That said, Rotoworld was saying he'll probably be offered a contract, and thus my frustration with the Cubs inability to get a real center fielder or leadoff hitter will continue.

Izzy is injury prone, but we're gonna have to gamble on him. If he gets hurt again we can move Wainwright back to closer and find another starter, but I doubt that happens. I'm gonna stay optimistic on this one.

And having Wainwright as a backup plan really allows you to stay optimistic. If only the Cubs could realize that having extra arms, and flexible arms, is a good idea.

Brad Wilkerson? That's kind of surprising. Several teams need a centerfielder, *cough* the Cubs *cough*, wonder why he didn't get much trade interest?

He's not getting much trade interest from the Cubs because they are too busy spending money on players that are terrible (yep, I'm looking at you Jason Marquis). Damn you Hendry.

He's not getting much trade interest from the Cubs because they are too busy spending money on players that are terrible (yep, I'm looking at you Jason Marquis). Damn you Hendry.

Between wilkerson, giles, and brussard, which ones has the most power n can they all play 3rd??

Wilkerson displays the most power. I know for sure Giles can play third, I don't know about the others.

Lew Ford might be a candidate. Although, there's talk that he'll be kept.

i don't think they will get weaver because he wants too much money i agree on that looper and springer can close for awhile because we need izzy down the stretch not in april and may

I'd much rather we keep wainwright at closer and try to get rid of izzy. I was calling for him to be traded mid-season this year when he still had a bit of value.

Ok so u think the angels should look to git giles wilkerson or brussard???

I'm also a fan of the Indians, and from following them, I can tell you that having a great closer is more important than you may think. And those saves you blow in April and May could kill you in September when you lose by 3 games.

I'd rather sign Pineiro than trade for Pavano....I think they could be the same pitcher and Pineiro would save us about $3-5 mil and a couple prospects. If we're going to trade, and I would be ok with trading Izzy, please please let us trade for a REAL corner outfielder. Lol, if only the Drays would take Encarnacion, Izzy, and low level prospect for Baldelli....ahhh I can dream. But I know that come opening day we'll still have the mediocre outfield, and probably Ohka instead of Weaver, Pineiro, or Pavano. I hate our lack of big signings...

Its funny that these "unwanted," non-tender candidates would make for a decent lineup, possibly better than some of current MLB lineups.

2B Marcus Giles
SS Eric Bruntlett
1B Ben Broussard
CF Brad Wilkerson
RF Jason Lane
LF Aaron Guiel
C Toby Hall
3B David Newhan
P Joel Pineiro

Anyway, as a Cubs fan, I'd like to check into possibly getting Wilkerson, Lane if they are reasonably priced. Pineiro as well. Giles if they trade Jones for a SP, then we could plug DeRosa in in RF, but I don't like that scenario.

I wasnt aware Jaque Jones was going to get the cubs a starting pitcher

He'd obviously be a part of a package.

lol wilkerson and broussard playing 3rd? hahahaahhahaha
Their both lefties, that would be soooooo funny. I guess Giles would play 3rd if he had to, but why not just keep Figgins out there?

thenockmlb, lots of cubs fans think the cubs can just magically trade Jones( who nobody wants) for a top line starter. I dont know dude. they dont listen to logic. Wilkerson would be another lefty bad the cubs desperately need. Although he is coming off an awful year, and strikes out a ton, before 06, he showed reasonably good on base skills, a stat where the cubbies are definitely lacking. Some1 earlier said he could lead off, i dont think thats a good idea. If anything, you know Soriano can lead off if there is nobody else, even though he would probably put up bigger numbers batting4 or 5. Why dont the cubs trade for Rick Ankiel? I hear he is playing the outfield now, and hey, he can even pitch sometimes. (Just a joke people)

meant to say bosox, not thenock

Seriously. Do they understand what kind of package theyd have to put together? Jaque Jones could not be the centerpiece of any deal. He'd have to be a throw in. Plus he's a lefty bat, something they have none of.

cards won't get anything for izzy and if healthy which tlr said he will be he is a good closer and wainwright is to good of a pitcher to close. Closer are failed starters. Cards need one more pitcher and i hope it ins't ohka i like pinero over weaver for the price

Why does everyone view Soriano as a leadoff hitter? Is it just because he struggles everywhere else in the lineup? Or just prefers it?

i think the cardinals would fare best if they signed pinerio, and wilkerson. then sign either weaver, or trade for pavano.


wilkerson lf
duncan rf

this all makes sende, if u have to include encarnacion in a trade for pavano, and put wainwright as ur closer


Id rather have giles out there than figgy simply cuz hes a better hitter...i c figgy as a super sub like in 02. Giles is a bettr defender n e how

Yes im sure the yanks would really want Juan Encarnacion

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