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Randy Johnson Trade Rumors

Merry Christmas!  I'm sporting a new fleece and decided to duck in with a quick Christmas trade rumor.

While it was denied a week ago, it sounds like discussions are indeed taking place that would bring Randy Johnson back to the Arizona Diamondbacks.  Johnson's agent and D'Backs general partner Ken Kendrick are mum on the subject.

Ed Price reports that the Yankees don't want to pay any of the $16MM owed to the Big Unit in 2007.  Arizona's rotation currently consists of Brandon Webb, Livan Hernandez, Doug Davis, and a competition between Juan Cruz, Dana Eveland, Edgar Gonzalez, and Enrique Gonzalez.  The Diamondbacks are packed with promising youngsters like Conor Jackson and Dustin Nippert.

Johnson had back surgery after the season ended; he turned 43 this year.  He may not be ready for spring training.  ZiPS, which projected pitchers better than anyone last year, predicts a 3.71 ERA for Johnson in 2007 - even as a Yankee.  PECOTA chimes in with a 3.52 projection; it's easy to be deceived by the 5.00 ERA.  More attention should be paid to his 1.24 WHIP in 2006 - that's more than respectable. 

UPDATE: Amy Nelson of ESPN reports that Arizona has offered a package of at least three players for Johnson.  Word is that Chad Tracy could be among them.  They'd want a window to negotiate a contract extension.  Nelson also mentions that the Padres have interest and could offer Scott Linebrink.

Additionally, Jon Heyman writes that Johnson initiated the trade idea and that the Giants could be in the mix.  The Yankees seem to be looking for young pitching in return.  Heyman speculates that they could become a possibility for Barry Zito if Johnson is dealt.


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If im the yankees, knowing that i want a young right handed first baseman, conor jackson would be the perfect return for randy johnson. Not only do the yanks get what they need now but they also get a pretty good piece for their future.

I have a hard time believing the DBacks would pay RJ's salary and give up prospects for a pitcher who likely won't be ready by opening day.

As with most of Josh Byrnes negotiations, IF a deal ever comes from this it'll likely be significantly different than what is posted by the media.

maybe they give up a low level prospect but i don't give up jackson for anyone not named arod or phillip hughes, jackson's going to be a hell of a ball player

I half wonder if Tracy's name doesn't enter this subject. He's been in a good deal of the other DBack trade rumors and the Yankees could use a 1B.

"Merry Christmas! **I'm sporting a new fleece** and decided to duck in with a quick Christmas trade rumor."

Aren't we all.

Let me guess....you got it from a woman in your life....mom, grandmother, sister, girlfriend, wife, etc, etc, etc

Socks and underwear man, socks and underwear...

If the Yankees could get any above average prospect in return, I would be absolutely delighted. But I know that won't appen because who in their right f**kin minds would pay all of Johnson's bloated salary AND give up a good prospect? If the Yankees could somehow steal a prospect like a Conor Jackson or a Chris Young, I will be elated. But that's not happening considering Johnson's availbility for opening day is in question and with his salary.

Would this open up money for a potential Yankee run at Zito?

First off I don't think the Yankee's need to "open up money". Secondly if that yanks are after anyone its Clemens.

Just a Question I'm lookin for opinions on. Who would you rather have on your pitching staff Harang or Harden?

harden is better then harang and will produce more too for the park and defensebehind him

Actualy Harang was very solid last year in the worst pitchers park in the league, while McCafee in oakland is much more of a pitcher friendly park. The truth of the matter here is that I've never seen Harang pitch, but from what I've heard his stuff isn't overpowering (though his numbers are prety impresive). If Harden is healthy, he may be one of the top 5-10 starters in all of baseball, but until he can re-establish himself I give the nod to Harang

The real question is this: Which prospects are the Diamondbacks offering for Johnson. The yanks' current needs (in order) are a rightly 1B, a 4th outfielder (since melky is most likely a brave right now), bullpen depth and a future catcher. I know Conner Jackson's name has been thrown around, but I wonder who is under serious consideratino

Jacksons name hasn't been thrown around there is no way he is being traded.

All roto said is they have great young talent including Connor Jackson.

ESPN reports that the trade talks are indeed occurring and that the San Diego Padres are also involved in the talks with Linebrink being the major piece of the deal.


My guess is that Linebrink heads to Yanks, Unit to DBacks and DBack prospects to the Pads.

Although... I thought the Padres were going all in this year and pushing to make a run. Why trade your best set up man? And I'd prefer the Yankees to get prospects (Conor Jackson would be NICE!).

The Yankees aren't going to give up Johnson for Linebrick, that's ridiculous.

The yanks should keep Johnson. Yea, he sucks, but he puts up innings and will win some games. He's no playoff star, but he can help them get to the playoffs. Unless they can get some serious prospects, it isn't worth it.

I'd rather have him in the rotation than waste of space igawa.

Thanks to those who replied to my question if your wondering why I asked. In my Sim league my Cubs Team just delt Jon Lester, Cesar Carrilo, Carlos Quentin and Julian Tavarez for Aaron Harang and Adam Dunn.

Umm how is Igawa already a waste of space. He might be a good 5th starter, maybe a serviceable 4th. A little soon to be writing him off.

But anyway, if the package Arizona is offering is any good at all, Cashman should take it. Johnson was better than his W/L record last year, but anytime you can trade a 40+ year old pitcher with back problems for a package of young players, you do it.

I'm not fond of Tracy though. Please give the Yanks Conor Jackson. Please.

To achilles... I agree Linebrink for Johnson is not a trade that would happen. But the article mentioned Linebrink as a "center-piece" for the trade. Maybe I misread the article because I assumed a 3 way deal. The update above seems to think its a competition between the Pads and the Dbacks.

17 wins for johnson. that sets his price, despite what anyone thinks of him and his salary.

can't see Linebrink happening. you dont trade 17 wins for a middle reliever. period.

despite the ugliness of getting some of the wins, suitors need to pony up something solid for him. tracy or jackson would be a plus for the yanks. but tracy is left handed hitting which they dont need. Jackson plus 2 arms would prob get it done.

can anyone speak to what prospects Zona has?

if this is would happen, it would give clemens lots of leverage.

about 4 or 5 of those 17 wins could be attributed to the Yankees' potent offense

only the Yankee run-support last year could cover Johnson's 5 or more runs given up on many games

regardless, i think Cashman's plan is to use that $16 million owed Johnson to pay for Clemens even if Clemens thinks the season starts in June

(and if the Yankees get a reliever and prospects in a deal, then all the better)

Since we're talking about worthless stats like wins, why not throw out the fact that had a 5.00 ERA and let that set his price.

Jackson for RJ is not going to happen. He's too young & cheap and has too much potential.

I think the only way a deal happens is if AZ can extend RJ for another year somewhat inexpensively .

Sorry about making up stuff, but Johnson + Karstens/clippard for that other sick young first basemane Adrian Gonzalez on the pods would be an OK deal. So when RJ retires, the additonal kid in the deal could fill in for him.

OH, and also, Clemens and Johnson on the same team...... Thats like Fisk and Munson on the same team, or Brett and Reggie Jackson. If you can think of any more, tell me.

Carmelo and Iverson is one, and it came TRUE!!!!

"can anyone speak to what prospects Zona has?"

besides conor jackson (hu's not really a prospect 2 begin w/)

Carlos Gonzales, OF
Dustin Nippert, RHP
Carlos Quentin, OF
Chris Young, OF

Those are some of the top prospects Arizona has to offer but I just can't see Zona giving up two of these guys which I know the Yankees will be asking for if they can't get Jackson.

Does Brian Cashman have compromising photos of every other GM? First, he gets Abreu for one B level prospect and a couple of names; then, he turns Sheffield, who he desperately had to get rid of and who was making $13 million coming off of surgery and who still had the balls to demand a new contract, into a solid pitching prospect, then he turns (reportedly) a corner outfielder with mediocre power or speed into a strong, young, lefty reliever; now, he's going to get Chad Tracy and two prospects for a 43 year old pitcher recovering from surgery who may not be ready Opening Day and who had a 5 ERA last year- and, oh yeah, who makes $16 million dollars, and the Yankees don't have to pay a cent of that? The other teams can complain about an unfair playing field when competing with the Yanks, but if they want to be stupid in making trades, is Cashman supposed to stop them?

how does Tracy help the yankees? They are already set in each of the corner OF spots and at 3B. Adding another lefty to play First seems like a bit of a stretch here (whcih is the only reason why I voutch for Jackson). Also, Linebrink wouldn't be involved in a three way trade but in a direct Johnson to the padres deal.

hmmm Clemens and Linbrink or Johnson...

I said it in another thread, But ZIto's market value just went way up when these words were uttered "Yankees entering ZIto sweepstakes..."

the 5.0 is an anomaly. he's worth a decent amount, despite the back risk. consider the return to the NL and the crazy market that makes his 16 mill over a short term more valuable.

clemens = no gimme, zito will only want long term.

cash will sit back and listen on this one b/c he doesnt need this trade.

Any team that gives up anyhing even remotely worth while for RJ(aside from salary relief that the Yanks don't need), deserve to be relegated to the minors.

jakec, you forgot getting rid of Jaret Wright and the $4 million he was going to pay for his buy out anyway for a young middle reliever. That one was my favorite.

Zman- How can you hold something like wins in such high regard. And then completely disregard his era.

His era is a better way to determine his value, not the number of wins. RJ is not going to fetch a top prospect like Johnson. You are insane for even thinking this. He is 43, not healthy, wont pitch when the season starts and comes with a 16mil price tag.

Who the hell is going to give up one of their top top prospects for that? Maybe you'd get a nice reliever like Linebrick

Don't forget though, that Johnson is very popular in Arizona, and he will sell tickets. They need more fans down in Phoenix, and Johnson will surely draw crowds, even if he isn't the Randy Johnson he was in his first stint with the Diamondbacks. The owners have to take this into consideration as well - after all, it is a buisness.

I know Jackson would be asking for a lot, but if Cash can pick up half of Johnson's salary and throw in a mid level pitching prospect (which the Yankees have plenty of), it might be more realistic. I dunno, we'll see, but that is best case scenario in my mind.

Both GMs probably know this, but Carlos Quentin is the beast of the group in Zona.

Perhaps the fact that he hasnt broken out yet (more the DBacks fault than Quentin's due to delayed promotion) will make him expendable.

If the Yanks can add a mid-level prospect, RJ and some money for Quentin, he could convert to 1B and be a beast in that lineup.

Just my two cents. I love Quentin.

Instead of D'backs - how about shipping RJ to SD, perhaps for Royce Ring, Bard ( or the other young catcher- both are decent) and prospect. Gives the yankees a potential 7th inning guy and Posadas replacement allowing Posada to play alittle 1B - which is where he will be alot in 08 if they keep him.

"OH, and also, Clemens and Johnson on the same team...... Thats like Fisk and Munson on the same team, or Brett and Reggie Jackson. If you can think of any more, tell me." - Terrel Owens and every QB he has ever played with

Unless that prospect added is Hughes I dont see anyway Arizona trades Quentin. He is an amazing talent and worth far more then an overpaid ancient randy johnson.

But that said Chris Young and Justin Upton are just as good as the kid.

Ownings or Nippert would be a good pick up for the yankees. I would expect Arizona to offer Tracy, Nippert and a low level.

Tracy is likely the major league hitter being offered. In Quentin, Jackson, Young, and Upton, Arizona has what is possibly the best collection of big-league ready offensive prospects in history. They need to make room for them.

Johnson still has a ton of value. Whoever said his 17 wins determine his value, you're clueless. Then whoever pointed out his 5 ERA, you're only slightly less clueless.

The fact is, injury issues aside, Johnson is still an immensely valuable pitcher. On a one year deal, with what other pitchers are getting, $16M is about right. If teams were certain of his health (a big if, but of course he will take a physical for any trade partner), he would make $16M easily for 2007.

Plus, I don't know if the Yankees can afford to trade him, unless the deal is really one they cannot turn down (i.e. Jackson or Quentin). Without Johnson, their rotation gets even weaker when compared to the Sox. All indications are that the Yankees do not want to start Hughes in the majors.

I'm a Yankee fan and have been as disappointed in anyone with Johnson - but he is still a good 2nd tier starter, who, perhaps unfortunately, in this market is worth in the high teens, especially since there will be no long-term commitment on his contract.

Oh, the only way the Yankees will get involved with Zito is simply to drive his price up for other teams.

you guys are also forgetting Justin Upton aswell.

Why dont the yanks just throw ONE prospect into the deal. Maybe Karstens, Clippard, or Ruiz. Ruiz is about 30 and has great power and is a first baseman. Fits ok in a deal.

Bobo how am I clueless for saying his 5.00 era is not a good way to evaluate this performance and value?

RJ has HUGE questions surrounding his health and ability to bounce back from this surgey. Dont act like Randy Johnson is anything close to the RJ of old

Not to mention yanks said they will not eat any of his contract. So I dont understand all this talk about "if the yanks pay some money they can get some fucking top prospect"


His 5.00 ERA was not remotely indicative of his performance. His component ERA (based on his actual skills) was much lower. His BABIP was, if I recall correctly, over 120 points higher with men on base. His HR rate I believe was twice as high. As BP said, this could be an indication of some problem with him pitching from the stretch or something, but typically these are statistical abberrations. There is a reason why nearly every projection system has him at or below a 4.00 ERA, and that's because he was tremendously unlucky in 2006. His WHIP even reflects some bad luck and it is still very good.

ERA's not _that_ much better than wins to base pitchers on. At the very least, among mainstream stats, use WHIP.

Nobody's acting like he's the Randy of old. If so, he'd be making $30M a year. We're acting like he's a good 2nd tier starter, which he is, who, in this market has considerable trade value.

And don't kid yourselves. The Yankees do not want to get rid of him. They will make a trade if it makes sense talent-wise, AND salary-wise. If it means eating some salary to pick up better players, the Yankees won't think twice about it. Of course they're going to start with "we're not paying any of his salary" - did Theo start with his final offer to Matsuzaka?

And Yes, he does have health questions. Every single one of my posts agreed with that. He has said that he feels great, and more importantly, he'll undergo a physical before any trade is made, so the point is moot.

Bravo, bobo. agreed

"Jackson plus 2 arms would prob get it done. "
The Dbacks wont even deal CJ for Randy straight up lol. You make fun of other peoples proposals. No, teams will not have to pony up for RJ, he is like 44, and hes not even good, and he has back problems, and he is a clubhouse cancer. Zman is a dumby, most teams in baseball wouldnt even take randy johnson for free, with that big salary and his attitude, age, and injury problems. Jackson and a couple of arms, yeah if the yankees throw in a couple of arms maybe. Jesus, u say how stupid the guy who said linebrink for johnsonwas, then u post up that shit. Wow

"Does Brian Cashman have compromising photos of every other GM? First, he gets Abreu for one B level prospect and a couple of names; then, he turns Sheffield, who he desperately had to get rid of and who was making $13 million coming off of surgery and who still had the balls to demand a new contract, into a solid pitching prospect,"

Wow your stupid, picking up abreu was called a salary dump, where they gave up prospects for him. Trading Sheff was a salary dump. And the return on what he got from Detroit wasnt much better then what he gave up to get Abreu. It is actually the same deal 2 times, with they yankees dumping salary in one of the deals, and picking up prospects in the other. For you to give him genius credit for both is absurd. I dont see whats so great about a fat relief pitcher who has an injury history and is approaching his mid 20s in sanchez. Yankee fans just think the prospects they trade for are better then everyone elses prospects because theyre yankee prospects now. LOLits funny stuff.

"now, he's going to get Chad Tracy and two prospects for a 43 year old pitcher recovering from surgery who may not be ready Opening Day and who had a 5 ERA last year- and, oh yeah, who makes $16 million dollars, and the Yankees don't have to pay a cent of that? "

Another idiotic post from the same idiot. Who says the yankees are going to get 2 prospects and tracy for randy johnson? Are you making this stuff up ? Jesus Christ. And what the fuck makes you think you wont have to pay a cent of his huge retarded salary? What the fuck?

Oh im sorry Amy Nelson said so.... who the fuck is amy nelson???????????? Just because doesnt want to have to eat salaary, and he does want to get back 3guys, doesnt mean he will do it.

nrmax get off the pipe man. All Cashman is doing is fielding the request from RJ and seeing what he can get. If the NL teams turn this into a bidding war than the NYY will get more value than he is worth. I guess you are a bit bias and the NYY have gotten to your head.

dude you can' even think logically. Have you seen some of his projections.
baseball prospectus
Why wouldn't he be even better in the NL west? Why wouldn't the NYY get a good return from these projections. You obvisouly are speaking logically but with he wrong hole.

Please, the best thing to do is ignore nrmax. He clearly gets a kick out of posting a bunch of curses over and over again. He'll stick around I'm sure, criticizing all of us "fucking idiots", without giving any real arguments - but if nobody responds there's a chance he may go away.

This is my last direct response to any of the idiocy that nrmax posts. It's tempting, I'll admit that. If you want to have a mature, focused conversation, I'm more than open to it, but first you have to prove you're capable of it.

Well first if RJ wants to go back home for his family then I do not see anything wrong with trying to get home. The NYY are in the same position Scott Boras usaully is. They can let the NL west teams battle it out and see if they get some good talent. If they don't trade him oh well. They will still get at least a 15 game winner. I believe they will work to get either Linebrick or Tracy as a center piece of any deal with thoughts of getting Gonzales. The Red Sox have a better projected SP but the NYY will have a better RLP staff wih one of the 2 above. I asume the Sox will get a closer as well. I think the NYY will then go after Clemens hard core. If they get Clemens than both teams will have an equal shot to get to the playoffs. Once in the playoffs any team could win thanks to MLB revenues.

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