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Jim Parque Attempting Comeback

Did I just write that headline?  Yes, I did.  I don't know about you, but I love the way players come out the woodwork every year and attempt comebacks.  Do you remember Jim Parque?  He's holding an open workout in February in an attempt to return to the bigs, according to ESPN's Jerry Crasnick.

Parque, a southpaw, will turn 31 in February.  He must've seen the crazy money going to the Joel Pineiros of the world and decided to get back on that train.  Parque was never particularly good, but his claim to fame is a 13-win season back in 2000 for the White Sox.  He pulled that off despite a 1.56 K/BB ratio.

Parque retired in June of '04 after he couldn't hack it for the D'Backs' Triple A club.  He's said to be healthy again and we here at MLBTradeRumors.com wish him the best of luck.


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I'd love to see the Sox take another shot at Parque. Might as well, with the 5th spot open for competition.


Git 'er done Walt!

I doubt that after stockpiling young, high-ceiling arms, KW would bother giving any attention to a 31 year old one year wonder.

However, I echoe the "best of luck" to Parque, and with less sarcastic connotations. He'll always be remembered in my mind for his role in embarassing the Tigers in 2000's famous brawl/blowout victory. His quote after the game was priceless.

In a related story, Eric Plunk is looking for 2yrs/$8MM.

... Not really.

Where's the Denny Neagle comeback? That guy's a class act.

Denny Neagle? Someone's still paying that guy right? Might as well have him pitch.

it might be a good way for him to redirect his sexual frustrations...

I know I came off as sarcastic but I really do wish him luck...

Funny you mention the Pineiro signing by the Sox. I read today that Curt Schilling is, quoue "upset that the Sox didn't sign Rollie Fingers... oh wait..."
He was referring to the serious lack of free agent pitching. He did have a lot of good things to say about Pineiro though. He said that if he hones his velocity right, he'll be a force out of the pen.

Eric Plunk and Denny Neagle will be attending the John Rocker open scouting invitational in Florida. Too bad they'll be the only three there...

anyone remember when Parque auctioned off his Porsche on eBay and threw in an autographed baseball??

Curt Schilling just hadn't seen his name in the paper for a few weeks. His quotes on Pineiro were ridiculous. Did he see something in the (8.67 ERA) efforts Pineiro has against Boston in the past 3 years or was it his extension video archive research. All he's doing is setting himself up to share the success if Pineiro regains his stuff.
Boston Globe Headline: "Schilling Believed When No One Else Did"
Boston Globe Sub-Headline: "Pineiro Throws Perfect Game Against Yanks"

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