Next Step For Yanks: Sign Clemens

The papers are abuzz this morning with all sorts of Roger Clemens speculation.

The New York Times says the Yankees are "determined not to be outbid."  All the papers believe the Pettitte signing makes New York the favorite. Tyler Kepner speculates that Roger is tired of weak run support in Houston and probably wouldn’t take less money to pitch in Boston.  As you know, Clemens’s agent has advised him to do another midsummer return instead of a full season.

John P. Lopez of the Houston Chronicle believes the Astros are out of it, making it a two-team race.

The New York Post has a statement directly from Randy Hendricks, the agent:

"Nothing has changed on Roger. First, he has to decide whether he will play. If he decides to play, then he will have to decide upon the team, which would be either New York, Boston or Houston. If he does play, it will likely be for a shortened season. I do not expect anything to happen on this matter any time soon."

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