Bonds Still Not Signed

Ugh. Do we still care about this story?  I was thinking about ignoring it entirely.  Why is the Barry Bonds contract negotiation happening in public?  We don’t need to see the back and forth.

Bonds’s agent, Jeff Borris, told the AP yesterday that Bonds still isn’t signing the latest version of the deal.  There’s some disagreement over a personal appearances provision.  We all know how personable Barry is.  The commissioner’s office rejected this portion of the deal.

Borris also doesn’t think the indictment clause in the contract can be enforced, though he agreed to it.  The collective bargaining agreement doesn’t allow for such a provision.  The Mercury News suggests the Giants included the indictment clause for appearances’ sake. 

I just don’t get why Borris is choosing to negotiate in public.  How does that help him or Bonds?

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