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Linebrink Trade Possibility Lingers

Tom Krasovic of the San Diego Union-Tribune provides his take on the Padres' best trade bait, 30 year-old setup man Scott Linebrink.  Krasovic points out a Kevin Towers pre-spring quote that makes a deal sound unlikely.  Still, if some other relievers prove worthy, it could happen.

If the Padres were to acquire a second center fielder in Aaron Rowand, they'd use him or Mike Cameron in right field and shift the aging Brian Giles to left.  It could make for a fine outfield defense, much like when Cameron played right for the Mets in '05.  Krasovic mentions that Cameron's agent is currently in discussions about a contract extension, as he's set to enter free agency after the season.

The Red Sox and Phillies may try to trade for Linebrink, and the Mets were close to a deal for him last year.  He was also almost sent to Atlanta for Wilson Betemit last year, but doesn't need to worry about that possibility anymore.


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I'd love for the Sox to land him, but they'd need to make room in the bullpen first.

If the Padres are only looking for a CF though, I think the Sox may have trouble finding a fit. They won't give up Ellesbury for Linebrink... maybe David Murphy and an arm like Edgar Martinez? I'd definately be cool with that, but not sure how the Padres would feel.

Either way, if Cla Meredith can avoid a sophomore slump they have their new setup man and Linebrink becomes pretty expendable I imagine.

Rowand & Lieber for Linebrink & Todd Walker? The Phils are going to be pretty desperate for a setup man; if they could convince Linebrink to agree to an extension beyond '07, they might well do this. Walker's expendable and expensive for the Padres, but would be the Phils' #1 lefty bat off the bench and a platoon option at 3B with Wes Helms, not to mention a viable leadoff hitter against righties.

Yes.. please extend Mike Cameron for a couple more years. He was arguably the most productive player in the SD lineup. If he reaches free agency, he is as good as gone.

I don't know what the padres would want with lieber. As for Linebrink, I would keep him for now. I keep waiting for the bottom to drop out on Hoffman, so it's good to have insurance. Towers will probably be motivated to make a midseason trade, and most likely for a bat. Part of me thinks that Sledge is going to really come through for the Pads this year. Just have to hope that the Giles bros can get their stuff together. If they don't, you have to wonder about juice and that family. And that's not to sling mud or anything, because even if they did I still have respect for the guys and I wouldn't think they're immoral, it just might be a factor in their skillz.

Christ, just trade the guy.

For the Red Sox, what about Linebrink for Crisp?

Coco has little value to Boston anymore, he was brought in to leadoff which he won't be doing, possibly batting low in the order again, and thats just a waste. If they can get any defense out of Wily Mo Pena, it would be in their best interests to start WMP and trade Crisp.

Crisp does have a friendly contract too.

what if they packaged linebrink and, say clay hensley for adam dunn? i know they want to move brian giles to left but the padres could use dunn's thunder. linebrink would probably be the reds closer, hensley would slide right into the rotation, and maybe they could ask for another prospect as well

Linebrink is overrated, they should trade him...

However, Rowand is nothing to write home about. Cameron is a nice player, but he was really bad in RF as a Met (-8 FRAA).

Im not for trading for Linebrink and I don't think Gillick is either... Rowand is too high a price.... Colonel Tom said the Phils are going to be desperate to trade for a setup man... That's not true at all... Actually, with the pen they have they aren't too bad to start the season... Gordon, Madsen, Geary, Alfonseca, Smith, Castro ( who is actually a stud in the making and destroyed winter ball this year if you look at the stats ).... Throw in a guy like Clay Condrey or Eude Brito and you could do a whole lot worse than the Phillies right now... Especially with their revamped starting pitching...

Linebrink and Hensley for ManRam. Red Sox fans, you do this, and you will own the Yankees for the next 3 years.

Why would they own the Yanks for the next 3 years? Do you know how much offense they'd lose if they trade Manny and only get back Linebrink and Hensley? LMAO, I'd love it if the Sox did that trade.

"Linebrink and Hensley for ManRam. Red Sox fans, you do this, and you will own the Yankees for the next 3 years."

Please never ever talk again.....ever, ever.....seriously....ever.

Im so sick of seeing this guy Linebrink associated in every trade. He has been rumored in like 300 trades the lasy two years, Padres either trade him or dont. Anyone else sick of seeing this?

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