Linebrink Trade Possibility Lingers

Tom Krasovic of the San Diego Union-Tribune provides his take on the Padres’ best trade bait, 30 year-old setup man Scott Linebrink.  Krasovic points out a Kevin Towers pre-spring quote that makes a deal sound unlikely.  Still, if some other relievers prove worthy, it could happen.

If the Padres were to acquire a second center fielder in Aaron Rowand, they’d use him or Mike Cameron in right field and shift the aging Brian Giles to left.  It could make for a fine outfield defense, much like when Cameron played right for the Mets in ’05.  Krasovic mentions that Cameron’s agent is currently in discussions about a contract extension, as he’s set to enter free agency after the season.

The Red Sox and Phillies may try to trade for Linebrink, and the Mets were close to a deal for him last year.  He was also almost sent to Atlanta for Wilson Betemit last year, but doesn’t need to worry about that possibility anymore.

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