Orioles Sign Steve Trachsel

UPDATE: The O’s wasted no time replacing Benson, signing Steve Trachsel to a one-year $3.1MM deal with a $4.75MM club option for ’08.  PECOTA says the Orioles overpaid by $625,000.  Assuming he can hold together for 180 innings, Trax should be a tolerable replacement.

The big news today courtesy of Ken Rosenthal is that Orioles starter Kris Benson is out for the season because of a rotator cuff tear.  It’s a bummer for Benson, as it may result in his $7.5MM option for ’08 being declined.

The injury leaves the Orioles scrambling to find a starter who can provide 180 innings of 4.90 ball in the AL East.  Rodrigo Lopez might’ve been that guy; Hayden Penn probably isn’t ready to do that yet.  The team will probably bring in a veteran replacement.  Rosenthal mentions Steve Trachsel as the most likely, as well as Mark Redman and Ron Villone.  Villone last started in 2004.

Additionally, there are plenty of trade options, as discussed yesterdayMike Maroth would be a nice pickup. 

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