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Jose Molina Available?

You know it's a slow news day when the best I can find is the availability of the worst Molina brother.

Bill "What's" Shaikin of the L.A. Times reports that Jose Molina of the Angels might be available if they opt to use Jeff Mathis as their backup catcher.  Offensively, the 31 year-old is a complete zero (actually his bat has negative value) so it would have to be a club purely in search of defense and catching skills.

Though it makes sense because Mike Napoli and Mathis are the team's two best catchers, I haven't seen too many playoff contenders break camp with no experience behind the plate to guide their pitching staff.  I would guess that if Molina is dealt it's because the Halos have found a different veteran backup. 


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The Yankees would take him... they are in need of a good solid defensive guy as a backup

I wouldn't mind the Yankees picking him up. They never really had a true defensive backup catcher in a while and even though Molina can't hit for shit, his defense is superior.

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