Lieber Showcase Goes Well

One of the most likely players to be traded this spring is 37 year-old starter Jon Lieber.  He tossed a couple of scoreless frames yesterday in front of plenty of scouts.  Liebs makes $7.5MM in the last year of his deal.  If he can come up with 180 innings of 4.50 ball, he’s worth it as a fourth starter.  Were I the Phillies, I would not be in any rush to make a deal.  Use Adam Eaton out of the pen, sit on the surplus and enjoy it.  How many teams keep all five of their starters healthy the entire year?

A Lieber trade does appear inevitable though.  Aside from the Blue Jays, who else might be interested?  How about the Astros?  They’ve got a couple of decent relievers and the need for a solid starter.  The Rangers could get involved if Eric Gagne is healthy.  And the Twins might be a decent fit as well.

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