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Looking For A Comment Moderator

A common refrain in my recent survey was the need for some moderation of the comments here at MLBTradeRumors.com.  No one is interested in childish or profane comments.

My policy has typically been one of minimal censorship, so this is new for me.  I do see the need at this point.  Back in the day, I didn't even require logging in - it was ten times worse under that structure but I fought logging in for a while anyway.

Drop me a line at mlbtraderumors@gmail.com if you would like to be the comment moderator.  I'm just looking for one person who can use good judgment but not over-censor things.  You would have to read every comment.  You would then have power to delete comments as well as ban people if necessary.  If this interests you please email me and let me know why you'd be the best choice.  Thanks. 


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Me fascist. Me likey.

I'm 100% against comment moderation, and if you look back in my history of comments, you'll see I've never said anything offensive.

It's just pointless to try to moderate comments... nobody is forced to read anything. Do what you must, but I don't think I'm the only one against comment moderation.

I personally like the freedom as opposed to other boards...but if they could just come in when people start to get insulting, mean, vulgar, etc.

The only comments a mod would take out would be the recent slurs and other obviously offensive stuff. The discussion in the Howard thread would remain largely intact.

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