Marlins Trade Rumors

The Fish might do some minor dealing in the coming days.  Let’s see what they have cooking.

For one, Mike Berardino of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel thinks they should bring Armando Benitez back, now that he’s healthy.  He says it would probably only cost the Marlins a million bucks in addition to the player(s) they trade.  Benitez says he hasn’t been in shape like he is now since he played for the Orioles.

The Marlins may have their eye on a couple of Red Sox: center fielder David Murphy and pitcher Kyle Snyder.  The Nationals also have interest in Snyder.  Snyder, 29, hails from Florida for what that’s worth.  He can probably post an ERA below 5 in the NL, so he belongs on someone’s roster.  Murphy still has a chance to become a credible CF, especially if his new build adds a little power.  Houston also likes Murphy.

Joe Capozzi of the Palm Beach Post has another tidbit: though the Marlins scouted Jorge Julio, they’re not close to proposing a deal.

Finally, the Marlins have no interest in Javy Lopez but are drawing interest for outfielder Cody Ross.


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