Phils Covet Rios

Blue Jays GM J.P. Ricciardi was pretty clear on his intentions: "we’re not trading Rios."  But what else is he going to say?  Jeff Blair of the Globe and Mail has a source that says despite that declaration, Pat Gillick still wants him for the Phillies.

Blair says the Jays won’t trade Rios unless they’re getting Brett Myers or Cole Hamels in return. We’ll label that as educated speculation on Blair’s part.  Such a trade would make about as much sense as using Myers as closer.   

The much talked-about scenario involves the Phils somehow wresting Rios from the Jays without giving up either frontline starter, and then shipping Aaron Rowand to San Diego for Scott LinebrinkI’m all for speculation, but the Jays know what they’ve got in Rios.  He doesn’t get traded if Jon Lieber is the centerpiece.

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