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Survey Results: Color Scheme

I would like to share the results to this question from my recent reader survey:

Do you like the white on black color scheme of MLBTradeRumors?

I would have guessed it would be about 70/30 with the majority against the current colors.  That's because I get a couple of emails a month about how it's hard to read.

However, 67.3% of you said yes, you like the current color scheme.  Personally I think it distinguishes the site a little bit.  We'll stick with it.

There were a lot of related comments about the sub-par layout and bland look of MLBTradeRumors.  Can't argue that - I have embarrassingly little in the way of web design skills.  I use TypePad as an easy way to create blogs.  One of these days I may get around to paying someone to make some improvements for me, but it's not my top priority.


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Who could say this layout is hard to read? It's so easy on the eyes, it isn't the prettiest layout but I couldn't care less for presentation. That is... unless you decide to use lime font and a yellow background. I'm here for the content.

Same, it's about the content and white on black is a lot easier to read than the standard black on white.

Although I wouldn't mind a new layout, or at least a new banner would be cool.

When I see the black background I know where I am. The awesome content is what I am after!

Its actually one of the reasons why i visit this site, i couldn't care about design and layout, as long as its easy, and this is.

So many sites try so many silly things, and its pointless because it takes away from the site.

To be cliche, its supposed to be about the rumors.

Still say the only improvement would be to track users, number of comments and be able to click on their names to see previous comments.

I have to agree, the design is just fine. I much rather have this site stay the way it is, simple and easy to read. (in terms of the color of font/background that's just people's preferance so somebody will always be unhappy) I do have on request. The top page currently shows 10 news posts I believe, and it would be nice to see a "next page" button at the bottom of the page to view older posts. Yes, I could just click on the Archives and go to the appropriate month, but that requires me having to scroll back up towards the top of the page, so having a next page button at the bottom of the page would be handy. (of course it isn't such a big deal, but it would be nice)

I agree on Next Page. Sometimes these things are surprisingly hard to do with TypePad and my skillset though.

How many people answered the survey? And how many hits do you average per day? I'm just curious having taken a couple classes on surveys and the like.

The design is fine, simple is best. I can't tell you how many sites I've grown frustrated with because they've bogged things down with totally unnecessary bells and whistles.

Look, I'll be honest about this color skeme... It is perfect. It kind of looks like I'm doing something work related when I'm veiwing it so please for the rest of the guys like me... No fancy schtuff, no colorful schtuff, no big animated banners.... I love this site.

I like it, it reminds me of Maddox' site. Easy on the eyes.

All I would suggest is a quote feature on the threads. That would be sweet, it's so hard to follow the conversations some times. Not that you would necessarily want to, mabe ignorance is bliss.

So yeah, maybe some html or quoting feature in the threads, but the main site rocks like it is.

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