Yankees Won’t Renegotiate With A-Rod

In case you missed Jon Heyman’s scoop yesterday: Brian Cashman won’t renegotiate Alex Rodriguez‘s contract after this season.  I imagine he went public with it in attempt to put the onus back on A-Rod when he leaves after the season.  For once, Rodriguez is not biting and won’t discuss it further with the media.  Heyman reiterates that Rodriguez will not consent to a trade if the Yankees are in contention.  Other notes from the column:

  • Out of all the relievers on the market, Jorge Julio seems the most likely to be dealt.
  • Heyman thinks John Smoltz is done with team-friendly contracts and will leave the Braves after 2007.  Could the Red Sox replace Curt Schilling with him?
  • Devil Rays "second baseman" Jorge Cantu is on the block.  I think he has been for some time.  I believe there is a federal law mandating mention of his 117 RBI season in any Cantu trade rumor.  Ooh boy, look at all those ribbies!  Perhaps the Rays would shift Akinori Iwamura or B.J. Upton to second base.  In any case, I don’t think Cantu is part of the long-term plan.

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