Young Players Covet Long-Term Security

Locking up promising young players to avoid their arbitration years has become all the rage these days.  It can be argued as win-win, as the player trades some risk for a smaller AAV than he could get going year to year.

  • The Padres are looking to give first baseman Adrian Gonzalez a long-term deal after a contract renewal near the league minimum.  They did this with Jake Peavy, though Kevin Towers renewed him in after each of his first two seasons.
  • The Nationals will meet with Ryan Zimmerman‘s agent tomorrow.  Barry Svrluga thinks David Wright‘s contract could be the benchmark.
  • Felix Hernandez told John Hickey he’d been hoping for a multiyear deal with the Mariners rather than a renewal.  If he improves upon his 2006 season and stays healthy, he might get around four years and $10MM.  The Mariners have actually had talks with second baseman Jose Lopez regarding a multiyear deal.
  • Keep in mind that it’s definitely not a risk-free proposition for the team.  Look no further than the four-year, $11MM contract given to Royals shortstop Angel Berroa following his Rookie of the Year 2003 season.

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