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Brad Halsey Wants Out

In case you missed it, A's pitcher Brad Halsey was less than amused when the team chose to go with Dallas Braden for Tuesday's start.  Halsey believed that the A's found out about his scheduled MRI, which would have come after the start.  He felt that the team chose not to promote him because they don't want to pay him Major League DL money if he starts Tuesday and turns up injured shortly thereafter. 

Additionally, Halsey is probably still annoyed about receiving a $1,000 fine in '04 for throwing a high and tight one to Dave Roberts, nearly inciting a Red Sox-Yankees brawl.  He should at least get to plunk the guy on the back if it's going to cost him a grand.

Don't we have to consider the possibility that Billy Beane just wanted to see a screwball live?  I know that would factor into my decision.  Dallas Braden doesn't throw hard, but rather relies on deception and the old scroogie.  Let's just hope his arm doesn't snap off throwing that thing.

Halsey is a hittable, low strikeout southpaw with four unexceptional pitches.  He was last traded for a pretty decent pitcher in Juan Cruz. Because of his fifth-starter type success with the D'Backs in '05, I imagine Beane can find an NL suitor.  I guess his new team is going to have to administer the MRI.

Halsey's complaint may speak to a bigger issue regarding the A's medical care. Check out the Athletics Nation take on that here.


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Billy Beane has seen a screwball thrown, don't you remember Jim Mecir? Club foot? The "Fear Mecir" signs?

Rich Harden on the DL, Mark Prior having shoulder surgery. The season has officially begun. I'm sure Harden will have that Cy Young season everyone talks about... the year before he hits free agency. Until then, mow through that service time Rich!

Hmmm... Milton Bradley on DL, Wade Miller on DL... Halsey for Jones - cubs throw in low level prospect or big chunk of cash to balance things out. As far as Jones rumors go this is somewhat reasonable no?

Oh yeah, Mecir was an Athletic. Good call.

I apologize but I have a COMPLETELY off topic question regarding fantasy baseball...I had John Maine start the week off with a gem of a game, but now I have 3 starters going today...

Harang vs. Cardinals - Start

Randy Johnson vs. Padres - Start

Scott Kazmir vs. Yankees - ?????

The Yankees really hurt Kazmir in his first game this year, is there a chance he can shut down their crazy lineup? You all are the most knowledgeable peeps around, please help!!

I don't see why you would start ANY pitcher against the Yankees and A-Rod right now, but that's just me.

well storm i see what you are saying and it is risky to start him but A-Rod is a career 1 for 20 of Zazmir and the Yankees hitting as team hit a combined 30 for 133 against him as a team compiling a .226 average against Zazmir


Arod may be 1 for 20 against Kazmir, but he isn't human right now. Sit Kazmir. No question.

The Yanks will work Kazmir. His control has been a problem, and the Yanks will exploit that. Even if he pitches well, he'll probably end up throwing a ton of pitches and get knocked out early.

Jake (VA Beach): The prototypical 'who would you take if you were starting a team today' question...would it be Jose Reyes at this point?

Rob Neyer: It has to be him or Grady Sizemore, right. Both outstanding hitters who play in the middle of the field? Ian Kinsler might work his way into the discussion soon, I guess.


Yea, i was in that chat too and couldn't believe he said that. I feel like he might have been kidding, but I really don't know. To be honest, i'm kinda shocked he equates Sizemore with Reyes. But atleast I can see where he is coming from on that notion.

Yeah the guy had 90 extra base hits last year and a OPS .50 points higher than reyes I can see how it's hard to see at the same level as reyes.

Sizemore is considered the best value in baseball by many more than Rob Neyer. I hear his name used in that context more than Reyes. They're not referring to fantasy. Some of Reyes' stolen base value is lost when it comes down to his real value. I'd agree that Reyes might still be the guy I'd want to build a team around. But there's a reason Sizemore's name comes up in that discussion so frequently.

I don't think the Kinsler comment was a joke. The guy asked a serious question. Didn't really give Neyer any reason to be sarcastic about it.

The suppressed math nerd in me had to comment that Sizemore posted an OPS closer to 0.05 points higher than Reyes, not 0.50. I know what you meant, I apologize in advance, its a sickness, really.

I dont understand why people constantly say Reyes' base stealing isnt that valuable. It really is that valuable though, because if he gets on to lead an inning off, its basically an automatic run, cuz hes stealing 2nd, and geting moved to 3rd by lo duca. Its like clock work. If he gets on with 2 outs he can steal second and score on a 2 out hit. Also, Reyes is not close to his ceiling yet. This guy is getting better at an unreal pace. And to think I got bashed just a few months ago for saying I wouldnt trade him for PooooHoles.

Obviously he isn't talking about fantasy. Reyes is a better player than Sizemore. He beat him in RC last year and is beating him again this year. Reyes is almost a full year younger than Sizemore as well. Not to mention Reyes is the heart and soul of that team. I don't watch as many Indian games as Mets, but i think the Indian offense goes as Pronk goes. The Mets are lead by Reyes and his table setting ablities. Reyes plays a much more important position than Sizemore as well. I think hands down Reyes is the man.

Braden comes up, pitches, and throws pretty damn well against a hot Orioles club (who can't field, btw).

6.0IP, 3H, 1R, 1BB, 6K, 1.50 ERA

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