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Openserving is a community-based project not unlike Digg, where social bookmarking, blogging, and democratic editorial control are combined (to quote Wikipedia). 

I’d like to try out this concept with an MBLTR flavor.  This is your chance to write about trade rumors or signings I may have missed on MLBTR, providing your own analysis.  Maybe it’s a sketchy message board rumor that you just want to throw out there.  Maybe you’d like to discuss Frank Thomas and pillow fights, even though it’s not exactly a trade rumor.  Click here to visit the MLBTR Reader Blog, and contribute today!

You also have the ability to vote up the best stories so that they’ll land on the front page.  There’s nothing there yet; we have to get the ball rolling.  You can even vote on the comments, too.  So hop in, link to something interesting, and show off your writing chops.  This is a great place to link to cool blog articles (including your own) or any other interesting baseball stuff.  Here is the link again for the MLBTR Reader Blog; I will put it in the sidebar and refer to it here and there assuming it’s active.

Let me know what you think.  It’s not quite a message board, but it bridges the gap a little bit.  Early returns after a few posts: cool concept, could be a nice complement to the site if we keep it active.  I switched to a standard black on white color scheme as it just seemed better.  Maybe I can get a banner in there for the title.

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