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Padres, Phillies Could Revisit Linebrink Talks

Ken Rosenthal was a guest on 610 WIP's morning show and reiterated that Scott Linebrink was now probably available for a trade.  While Rosenthal said a few days ago that Kevin Towers would like to find the Padres center fielder of the future, this morning he said that the Pods are interested in a left fielder that can hit a bit.  In addition, he mentioned that the Phillies and Padres may revisit the Aaron Rowand/Linebrink talks of the early spring.

The Phillies outfield corps has several redundancies at this point.  Pat Burrell provides power in left, but Michael Bourn, Shane Victorino and Aaron Rowand are all light-hitting center fielders.  If the Padres are interested in a centerfielder for the future and would prefer to do it on the cheap, perhaps the Phillies are should be willing to part with Bourn or Victorino instead of Rowand.

At this point, with Matt Smith floundering, a big need for the Phillies is a left-handed reliever.  But still, Linebrink would look awfully nice in red pinstripes.

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If the Phillies were smart, they'd avoid Linebrink, even for Rowand straight up, as crazy as that sounds. I see a decline in his performance, starting with the end of last season. He had a 4.64 ERA in the 2nd half of 2006, with both his hit rate and walk rate spiking up.

He's a nice reliever, but guys like him have quite a bit of variance from season to season. Declining K rate, increasing walk rate, and removing him from PETCO seem like bad ideas. Rowand is no Mickey Mantle, but he's hitting right now, and even though he's overrated defensively, if you put him in RIGHT and Victorino in CF where he belongs, it upgrades the defense.

Alfonseca has been good (it won't last), but Myers is now a viable closer/setup option, and Gordon until his arm falls off, should be ok once he gets his work in. Plus, the Phillies have 4 or 5 guys in AAA capable of coming up and pitching in relief, including Fabio Castro.

Myers in the pen is one of the dumbest baseball decisions of my lifetime. Great idea, take a guy who has been your ace and get 70 IP out of him, instead of 200. His ERA during his first 15 pitches of his appearances during his career? How does an ERA of 5.76 sound?

I do not know what the cubs would want for him, but the phillies should probably go after will ohman, based on how good you said he was against lefties. Maybe a abraham nunez for ohman swap, but that may not happen.

My guess is that they aren't doing anything unless they can dump Jaque Jones on you too. There might be an outside chance that the Cubs would do something for Leiber, since Wade miller is serving up balls on a silver platter, but they have to address their outfield problem and I doubt they are making any trades that don't at least accomplish that.

I hope for Linebrink's sake that he's traded. I say this because he has been rumored to be traded to a new team about every week the past two years. Talk about feeling like an object.

It wouldn't be a terrible idea for the Phillies to trade for Linebrink because then they could put Myers back in the rotation where he belongs. The Padres might want more than Rowand for Linebrink, so maybe they'd also take Jon Lieber and stick him in Hensley's place in the rotation. Since Lieber has been ineffective out of the pen, the Phillies would have to put him back in there to make room for Myers. Plus they'd get his contract off the books for this season.

Either way, the Phillies are the dumbest franchise in baseball right now.

This is certainly enjoyable for me, someone whose team's pitching hss been ridiculed by Phillies fans for months.

Hold on, Hold on.

On this Myers thing. If you have a decent starting pitcher in Leiber who is not a RP and never will be to insert into the rotation isn't such a bad thing.

Even if they had traded Lieber I still rather see them put Myers in the pen. Myers has the makeup to be the perfect closer. He does give up HR in CBP alot. But as a reliever he won't have to worry about pitching for 7-8 innings and just let it go. He has to be the closer.

Even with this Lieber, this rotation is still pretty decent. Besides Myers was not and ever an "Ace", he was a future "Ace". Cole Hammels is the true "Ace" on this team and Moyer has pitched pretty well also. Garcia looks good and so does Eaton. Heck, Lieber only gave up 1 hit.

Its not a stupid move even a little bit. And I don't trade for Limbrink either. OF is depleted enough. Not with Myers in the closer spot and hopefully Gordon does get it togeter. LH or RH hitters doesn't matter, Myers and Gordon can pitch to both.

If linebrink goes to Philly for Rowand then would a Jones/Ohman for Cameron deal be a possibility? Gives SD a replacement for Linebrink and a corner OF with 20hr power. Gives cubs a rental CF they don't have to worry about resigning. I would prefer they then stick Sori in rf forever then platoon Murton/Floyd - not a horrid OF. Too far fetched? Would SD want more?

Eaton - 3 GS, 17.2 IP, 1.30 WHIP, 6.62 ERA

Garcia - 2 GS, 9.2 IP, 1.45 WHIP, 4.66 ERA

No, they haven't looked "good".

"Its not even a stupid move even a little bit."

Now you are just showing your bias. Last season Myers gave the Phillies 31 starts, almost 200 innings with a 3.91 ERA. He was even better before. Moving your second best starter to the bullpen because "he has the makeup to be a perfect closer" is still stupid.

Before = 2006. Meant to say "the year before".

I wouldn't trade Linebrink unless it was for Burrell. Even then I'm not sure I want to pull the deal. For those that think he can only pitch at Petco, his career away ERA (2.73) speaks for itself.

All but the absolute shutdown relievers in the game are fungible. Burrell had a VORP of 27.5 last year in limited playing time, and a WARP of 5.2. Linebrink had a VORP of 18.9 and a WARP of 2.9. In essence, Burrell was worth 2 more wins last year in a "down" season.

I can't wait until Burrell gets traded/leaves the Phillies and the idiot fans that boo him realize what they had...no matter how overpaid he is.

xxxJamesxxx, you've got to look at team necessity too though. For the Padres, Burrell isn't really that much of an improvement, they already have a low avg., high power guy in Russ Branyan, who could easily hit 30+ in a full season.

On the other hand, Linebrink would be the best pitcher in the Philly bullpen (Brett Myers stint excluded), and gets rid of a joker like Rosario, whose WARP is probably like -4.5.

S.D. does not need a CF of the future they have Cedric Hunter who is ready for the bigs now....In 10 games with the Fort Wayne Wizards he is batting .406 with 1 HR and 1 SB...he is a 20 20 guy ready now....so a CF does not make sence...

Yeah.... it will be ashame when we get someone in here that doesnt look like he's golfing with runners on second and 3rd in the 8th inning against the Marlins in a crucial wildcard game late in the year EVERY SINGLE DAMN SEASON.... Burrell has great stats.... But so did Albert Belle......... Greg Vaughn had a couple of great years.....lol.... Get a toolsy guy in here who knows how to play baseball.... Not just sock the crap out of it 1 out of 4 times a game and look bad the other 3 times he tries to do it.... Burrell might be missed.... But I have a feeling the first time Andruw Jones climbs the wall and makes one of highlight reel catches out in center, we will all realize that it was well worth the money to ship his underachieving ass out of town......

The anti-Burrell attacks get better and better by the day


Myers has a 5.76 ERA in the first 15 pitches of his appearances throughout his career. Does that not mean something to you? There's a reason everyone considers the Phillies the laughing stock of baseball for this.

Yeah, Albert Belle was an awful ballplayer. I mean, I always wondered why the Indians played him over Wayne Kirby. Like, I know Belle's stats were better, but those are just stats.

Fine.... you guys can re-sign Burrell at 10MM a year..... lmao.... you know he is going to get it from an American league team needing a right handed stick... After this season comes and goes, I can't possibly imagine the Phillies not having a top tier closer and a top flight outfielder ( that has speed and power ) as priority 1 and 1A on next years agenda.... Let's just put it this way, Pat Gillick know's what he is doing... I now know why he wanted Alfonso Soriano in here so badly... After watching the Tampa Bay outfield, I also know why he wants those types of athletes in Philly... Guys like that are special.... Guy like Pat Burrell are not...

Haha yeah jersey i here you. All winter i have been hearing how the phillies are the team to beat and their rotation is the best in the league and all this bull. Now we got philly fans already conceding this year and putting next years hopes on Andruw, who isnt even on their roster. Too funny. I also dont get how a team can move their best pitcher into the setup role, and the fans say stuff like .... "Its not even a stupid move even a little bit." They must really have you brainwashed out there man. Well, the mets and braves will be racing all year and the division winner may come down to who beats up on the phillies more. Have fun playing spoiler boys :)

"Let's just put it this way, Pat Gillick know's what he is doing"
That might be the first time I ever saw anybody saw all of those words in that order in the same sentence.

"S.D. does not need a CF of the future they have Cedric Hunter who is ready for the bigs now....In 10 games with the Fort Wayne Wizards he is batting .406 with 1 HR and 1 SB...he is a 20 20 guy ready now....so a CF does not make sence..."

This shows that you no nothing about the minors. This kid just turned 19 years old a little over a month ago. The earliest he will be up is two years, with three to four more likely. You wonder why they were trying to extend Cameron three years?

How people can even say "Pat Gillick knows what he's doing" in regard to the Phillies boggles the mind. The collection of players he's brought in since he became GM, contrasted with the list of players he sent out is staggering. I hope people aren't going to credit him for Howard, Utley, or Hamels, those are Ed Wade products.

Greg Dobbs? Abraham Nunez? Jayson Werth? Brilliant additions. Gillick was a winner 10 years ago. The game has passed him by.

Im kinda with nrmax on this one, Hunter was drafted in the last draft, so I sincerely doubt we will see him until he is 21, with 22/23 being more realistic, but you didn't have to be so mean about it! Haha.

Rowand may have started hot, but he will be his usual 100 strikeout self in no time. Towers was convinced Sledge would be our 130-140 games left fielder, but he isn't get squat for playing time, so I wouldn't be surprised if this deal went down and we signed rowand till Hunter can come up in a few years. Plus Towers is cocky in his bullpen and believes he can replace anyone there.

And whoever up above said that Linebrink is decling, do some research before opening your mouth. Go check out his line this year, and besides that, his fastball's velocity has INCREASED since last year.

That was Zach talking about Hunter

whoops, haha. Well yea, I agree with Zach.

whoops, haha. Well yea, I agree with Zach.

Im not conceding this season by any stretch of the imagination because every team in the NL East has their glaring weaknesses.... That's retarded to say.... It's still April lmao.... I'm simply saying that Gillick will not let issues like the bullpen go unaddressed like he did this offseason again next offseason.... I can't see him going through another season without having a stud outfielder either..... To you James... If you are comparing Ed Wade to Pat Gillick, you need to have your head examined.....

well one of the points in the article was that they needed a CF of the future and they don't. that was my only comment....read what it said not out of some false sence of condemnation, just to make yourself feel smart.

I think Hunter will be ready by next year, Like Cameron Maybin will be. I know allot about the minors and if I remember right there are plenty of examples of 19 year old kids making the bigs.

Griffey, King Felix, Cedeno, Catfish, and this list goes on and on...

To think it won't happen even if the odds are against it makes you blind.

i am a big hunter fan, but he is no maybin, let alone griffey, felix etc. there is a reason he was drafted as late as he was. high schoolers who are soon to be impact players go top 10. not to mention the fact that he is viewed by many to be a left fielder. once justin upton is in the majors, then you can start looking toward hunter. but being a padre fan, i know this type of reaction is due to a poor farm system, but hang on cuz this years draft will be special.

Speaking of Maybin, anybody know the deal with whatr their plan is for him? Whether they plan on bringing him up slow or if they have him on a fast track cause of heard that he is raking right now, I know he is only like 19 but he seems like a phenominal talent. Anybody know how long it may be before his debut? September callup maybe, earlier? Next year?

He will get a call up in September for sure...If there are any injuries it could be sooner. I see him making the club next year he is too good to keep down. He is batting .317 with 4 HR and 8 steals....He may struggle when finally up for a bit...but look for him to do what C. Young is doing now for Ariz in his first full year.

Maybin is a .300 hitter with 30/30 type power and speed.

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