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Orioles Have A List

Though it appears Adam Loewen won't need surgery, the Orioles still don't want to continue too far along with both Brian Burres and Jeremy Guthrie in the starting rotation.  Based on their last starts, Guthrie might be the one who sticks.

VP Jim Duquette has a list of about a dozen trade candidates, and apparently Josh Fogg and Byung-Hyun Kim aren't included.  Duquette gave us a hint - a player from another team who has fallen out of favor and perhaps landed in the bullpen.  Zack Greinke and Kei Igawa fit the description, but they aren't getting traded.  Shawn Chacon would hardly help.  Adam EatonWade MillerJeff Weaver?  Oh yes, Jeff Weaver.  Maybe a little Mazzone could get him right.   Got any other "fallen out of favor" starter candidates? 

UPDATE: Michael Gluskin was able to determine a few of the pitchers on Duquette's radar, after talking to a club source.  The O's have had internal discussions regarding Jason Davis, Odalis Perez, and Chan Ho Park.


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Weaver in the AL East could only end AWFUL.

Giambi is probably sending more txts to Duquette to get Weaver, than he was when he was trying to get the Rocket.

16 AB- 5 HR 12 RBI
.619 1.563 2.182

isnt is pretty obvious... BRETT MYERS?!?!?

Sidney Ponson.

no way myers is available...would take a lot more than what baltimore would offer to get him, but then again it is baltimore so you n ever know
weaver or ponson would be a very bad idea in the al east, maybe last 2 or 3 starts before they're gone.

nor sure who really is availble to help baltimore that much more

How about Brad Halsey... he's getting healthy and has fallen out of favor with the A's, plus Billy seems to be in the deal-making mood.

Why not Noah Lowry?

Jason Davis??? could be had cheap...and hes better then guthrie

eric milton:
today on WLW radio, bill cunningham said he was not as good as a good high school pitcher.

Why wouldn't the Yanks trade Igawa?

How about Mark Redman. The Braves could really lose him. No way the Phils trade Myers. they may hav been stupid enough to put him in the bullpen, but they wont make the mistake of trading him. How about Kyle Davies?

Mark Redman? You got to love the homer pick. The guy is sporting a 10.62 ERA and a WHIP over 2 and you think that anyone would trade for him? Why wouldn't they have just signed him earlier in the year? It is not like Redman has shown he is worth ANYTHING. Even if the O's were given Redman for free, they would have to pass. Come on, you Braves fans are crazy. Maybe a package of Redman and Salty can get Bedard or Markakis.

"Why wouldn't the Yanks trade Igawa?"

Because they can't.

I was thinking myself about suggesting redman as well, accept I actually type credible things and Everyone would take it as a joke. Bravesrule seems to be 14 years old and have no idea about baseball. The braves are not going to trade Kyle Davies, he is only 23 and he is getting better per start. Redman was just a bad investment, he is probably going to be released if lerew can put some good starts together and cormier comes back healthy. Oh and Ripwa, just because 1 idiot types a stupid post, do not speak of braves fans collectively. BTW, Collectively means do not judge others by what one person says. But yes, I would do that redman for markakis or bedard deal in a heartbeat, but that was a stupid comment on your part, as baltimore is looking for pitching, not rid itself of more, and markakis is their future, he is not going anywhere.

make that redman and salty

HAHAHA, when i read the first part of your comment i felt bad. I should lump people together. That you end with taking my trade proposal serious. That was a joke. No way the O's would do that. Markakis and Bedard are A LOT more valuable than Salty. To bad you Braves fans are too bias to understand a joke.

Mark Redman is on the disabled list.

If they trade for Jeff Weaver, and the M's don't send 8M of his salary with him, I'll laugh hysterically. Just wait until he's released and pick him up on waivers... or be smart and pass on him completely.

I agree that Brad Halsey seems like a good option, and the A's have a few other AAAA starter types lingering in Komine and Windsor.

Hey, Brian Moehler can start, he is in the Astros' bullpen, and he has a 3.12 ERA.

HEILMAN. Time for Omar to maximize his value, but only if he can get something useful in return.

I think the Mets need to hang on to Heilman atleast until Mota comes back and we see how he is doing. I LOVE mighty joe smith, but Im not sure if he is ready to be the 8th inning man on an everyday basis just yet. Heilmans value is low right now, as he struggled to start the year, I think their better off just keeping him. When he is right he stabilizes the whole pen.

How about Esteban Loaiza? When he comes off the DL, the A's will be in a bind. The A's already have a full rotation now that Loaiza's replacement, Chad Gaudin, is pitching much better then Loaiza can hope to.

Loaiza is signed to a reasonable deal market-wise, and the O's seem to like those league-average guys.

EVERY single team has some form of a list of players, categorized, that they like and/or hope will become available.

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