Orioles Have A List

Though it appears Adam Loewen won’t need surgery, the Orioles still don’t want to continue too far along with both Brian Burres and Jeremy Guthrie in the starting rotation.  Based on their last starts, Guthrie might be the one who sticks.

VP Jim Duquette has a list of about a dozen trade candidates, and apparently Josh Fogg and Byung-Hyun Kim aren’t included.  Duquette gave us a hint – a player from another team who has fallen out of favor and perhaps landed in the bullpen.  Zack Greinke and Kei Igawa fit the description, but they aren’t getting traded.  Shawn Chacon would hardly help.  Adam EatonWade MillerJeff Weaver?  Oh yes, Jeff Weaver.  Maybe a little Mazzone could get him right.   Got any other "fallen out of favor" starter candidates? 

UPDATE: Michael Gluskin was able to determine a few of the pitchers on Duquette’s radar, after talking to a club source.  The O’s have had internal discussions regarding Jason Davis, Odalis Perez, and Chan Ho Park.

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