Rosenthal Weighs In On Starter Market

Nick Cafardo gave his rundown yesterday; now it’s Ken Rosenthal’s turn.  His thoughts on the current market for starting pitching:

  • He mentions that the Yankees inquired about Paul Byrd, I imagine prior to the Clemens signing.  Rosenthal doesn’t seem to think Byrd will be dealt unless a major need surfaces for the Tribe.
  • The old Jon Lieber for Kyle Farnsworth idea is bandied about again; Rosenthal adds Freddy Garcia as a possibility there as well.  He even goes so far as to say that a healthy Tom Gordon could prompt the Phillies to trade a right-handed reliever like Ryan Madson.  That, I don’t see – is Flash ever going to receive a clean bill of health again?
  • The Angels have the depth, but Bill Stoneman doesn’t have a strong desire to trade young starting pitching.  Can’t blame him.  Hmm, Stoneman would make a good GM Trade Profile now that I think about it.
  • The Twins have depth…but not really.  Ramon Ortiz and Sidney Ponson don’t contribute to any concept of depth, even when the team’s Triple A rotation is better than several Major League rotations.  That situation will sort itself out, with Matt Garza and Kevin Slowey playing major roles.
  • Rosenthal also adds (off this topic) that the Padres could revisit Mike Cameron extension talks if he shows some signs of life.  Any time now would be good, Mike. 

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