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Kenny Williams Loves Aaron Rowand

Several years ago, Billy Beane described Erubiel Durazo as his "Holy Grail".  Beane had been in pursuit of the young slugger, coveting his plate discipline and projecting him as a middle-of-the-order type for the A's lineup.

At this point, White Sox general manager Kenny Williams' pursuit of Aaron Rowand is beginning to reach similar status.  From Phil Rodgers in the Chicago Tribune:

If the Phillies are willing to try to get Mike MacDougal straightened out, the reliever could be a centerpiece in a White Sox deal for Aaron Rowand. The Phillies desperately need bullpen help and are letting teams know Rowand could be available in the right deal. The speedy Michael Bourn seems ready to move into a regular role in Philadelphia's outfield.

The outfield is one of the few places the Phillies actually have some depth/interchangeable parts, and with Aaron Rowand's average hovering around .325 for most of the season so far, the Phillies may be thinking it's time to "sell high" on the centerfielder.

However, it isn't Michael Bourn who would take over in center, more likely Shane Victorino would shift to centerfield while Greg Dobbs and Jayson Werth would probably platoon in rightfield.  Bourn shows promise but right now, he is still too raw for anything more than Pat Burrell's caddy for late-inning defensive/pinch-running and the occasional start.  Really, he would be better off playing in AAA everyday and honing his skills on a regular basis.

Having said that, it will probably take a little more than Mike MacDougal to get things done in a deal like this.  A slumping middle-reliever for a streaking everyday player isn't very even.

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How about if Mike Mcdougal and Joe Crede go to the phils? That probably then makes the deal uneven in the phils favor, but I am sure a deal can be worked out i which the phils gave up a minor leaguer to makes things more even. Furthermore, Crede becomes a good third base option over Wes Helms, and I could see Kenny Williams and Pat Gillicks Good History allowing for a deal to be worked out.

That being said, as a braves fan, I hope they give up rowand for mcdougal and that ole mike has a 15.00 ERA for the phils, sorry, just being honest

Phils would definitely be smart to sell high on Rowand. He should be able to garner more than Macdougal for his inflated average this season and overrated defense.

All of this White Sox trade speculation makes me think that Kenny's preparing for a mid-season overhaul in an effort to spark the team's diminishing playoff hopes. It's very likely that the White Sox lineup looks radically different by the end of next month. Trading out McDougal and ditching Dye for Abreu would then effectively remake 2/3's of the OF. On top of that, I could see them shipping Crede somewhere to bring up Fields. The questions is what they could get for Crede?

I think Bourn's ready. He was a consistent high-OBP guy in the minors and continued that this year (albeit in a small sample). His speed is electric - I happened to catch the game where he entered as a pinch-runner, stole 2nd and 3rd, then scored (I think on a shallow groundout). From the shot of Manuel in the dugout, he was loving it.

Werth is ok, but Dobbs is probably best as a utility man. I'm not sure if he can handle the OF on a regular basis.

The best bet would probably be to have Bourn in CF against righties, and Werth in right with Victorino in CF against lefties.

Rowand's increased walk rate is exciting, but he's sure to decline from here on out. They should definitely sell high on him.

You guys want Freddy Garcia back? Christ, what a disaster that's been.

Anyway, how about Rowand and a pitching prospect like Josh Outman for Jermaine Dye and Matt Thornton. The Phillies could use Dye's right handed bat. Victorino moves to CF, Dye to RF.

(filler at 3B)

The Phillies need Bullpen help first off and the White Sox don't really have a good bullpen and need bullpen help. With that said, I think Gillick should trade Rowand for Crede or Fields. That way he can trade Wes Helms/Greg Dobbs for some type of reliever. No team really is going to surrender bullpen help so he should go after someone who can is decent. Once Myers gets back all will be happy.

Screw that. Trade burrell. I like the guy as much as anyone. but i would rather resign rowand for 4 years and have bourn in left.

If you trade Burrell now, you'll get pennies on the dollar. Also, Burrell probably will only accept a trade to 3 or 4 teams, so it's pointless unless you know exactly where he wants to go.

Also, Rowand is better suited to left field, as Bourn and Victorino both have better range, and Victorino's arm is 10x better.

Bourn and Victorino is not a major league outfield, unless you have excellent pitching to make up for the nil offense. Philly, uh, doesn't.

I like James' idea of trying to work something out for Dye, although it's probably a waste of time since we're not going to compete this year.

Fields and Crede...I can't see Fields going anywhere and Crede's pretty unimpressive.

Matt Thornton's not going anywhere despite his iffy numbers this year.

Lefty relievers with a track record are worth gold in this league.

I'd go for MacDougal and Brian Anderson for Rowand and a low level hitting prospect.

Crede's still a valuable player despite his injury risk and the White Sox certainly would want more than a prospect for him.

Why would the Phillies give up Rowand, who is tearing the cover off the ball, for MacDougal and Anderson? MacDougal can't get anyone out, we already have plenty of guys like him. Anderson is a throw in.

That deal isn't realistic at all.

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