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Rangers Pursued Bonds

Fairly odd story about Barry Bonds's rich friends in USA Today yesterday.  I suppose it's not a bad thing to see a positive angle for a much-maligned player. 

There was one interesting, rumor-related part - Bonds was close to signing with a mystery club last winter, and it was the Rangers.  Maybe this kind of "outside the box" thinking by Jon Daniels could result in a trade for Jason Giambi, or comebacks for Rafael Palmeiro and Juan Gonzalez.  Let's be honest - teams only care about steroid use to the extent that it gives them bad PR or wasted dollars.  I forget where I read it but it does seem strange that Sammy Sosa's 600th home run is being viewed in a positive light but Barry's quest for 756 is the opposite.  If Sammy passes Willie Mays in two or three more years, will baseball celebrate?

Anyway, back to the Rangers rumor.  I vaguely remember the Bonds/Mystery Team thing last winter, but thought it was made up by his agent.  We got swept up in the Mystery Team phenomenon with studs like Steve Trachsel and Tomo Ohka last winter as well. In the past two years, we have heard such teams as the Padres, A's, and Cardinals connected to Bonds.  The Cards seemed like the Mystery Team for a few hours, but Walt Jocketty quickly denied it.


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Sosa is almost like the loveable foreign guy who barely speaks English. I don’t mean that negatively but like Fez from that 70's show. Going back to McGwire and his home run race, almost everyone wanted Sosa to win. Even the corked bat incident wasn’t nearly as bad as it should have been. I don’t know if Sosa will be celebrated but I could honestly see him getting into the hall before McGwire or many of the players who are widely regarded as steroid users. Bonds is on another level because he was a HoF player with or without them and he is a dick instead of a loveable character. I’m one who doesn’t feel steroids give you that much of an edge over the rest of the competition. I can see where people think it does and understand why players who were clean and pitchers would be pissed but I think it could potentially be a hindrance as much as beneficial. That really wasn’t the point but I’m not really surprised by the reaction to Sosa. I thought he was fairly well received all around the league even after the problems starting arising. I’d love to think he is clean now but you just never can tell.

i agree with you about bonds. i'm sure the roids help, but I think he uses a really light bat anyway, and he actually has one of the nicer swings in the game. he also won mvp's when he was a skinny kid in pittsburgh. he should be in the hall someday. sosa and raffy were more complete players than mcgwire too. i think sosa is helping his case with his comeback, and in raffy's case roids wouldn't be the main cause of you getting 3000 hits in your career. you'd have to have something else going for you too. honestly mcgwire doesn't really have a case for the hall other than his power numbers. they are staggering, and his rbi totals are high because of it, but 1600 hits and like a career .270 avg don't exactly scream hof. you can make a case for the other players despite the roids, but mcgwire's is a little more difficult and thus will hurt his hall chances over the long haul.

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