Rosenthal’s Latest Video

Ken Rosenthal has a new video up at for your viewing pleasure.  My summary:

  • As you know, Eric Gagne and Akinori Otsuka are drawing strong interest across baseball.  The only team named by Rosenthal is the Yankees, and in a roundabout way.  He simply said that the Rangers have been scouting the Yanks. 
  • Both the Dodgers and Angels would love to add a power-hitting third baseman.  The problem is, there’s not much about there.  Rosenthal says Troy Glaus, Mike Lowell, and Miguel Cabrera are all currently unavailable.  One who might become available and could play third is Miguel Tejada.  My own speculation on some possible second-tier trade candidates at third base (some long shots included): Jose Bautista, Mark Reynolds, Chad Tracy, Ty Wigginton, Melvin Mora, and Wilson Betemit
  • Michael Barrett could be on his way out of Chicago, mostly because of his defense.  Rosenthal names the Marlins and Rockies as interested parties.

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