Devil Rays Swap Seth McClung For Grant Balfour

Drays Bay broke the story tonight: the Devil Rays sent Seth McClung to Milwaukee for Grant Balfour.  A change of scenery isn’t a bad idea for either player.

McClung gets a lot of attention for his ability to light up the radar gun.  The Devil Rays were wishcasting him as their closer as recently as last year.  The problem for a while now has been his ridiculously bad control.  He’s 26 now.  Let’s see what Mike Maddux can do with him.  Or at least what Stan Kyles can do with him. 

Balfour has spent a ton of time under the knife; I covered his travails in this post.  He’s 29 presently.  Given the Devil Rays’ bullpen, he could be closing by year’s end (said with tongue only half in cheek). 

Basically, a live arm was swapped for another live arm.  We’ll see if anything comes of it.   

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