Red Sox Scouting Eckstein?

UPDATE: A few Cardinal fans have emailed me, suggesting that Hrabosky’s comments about Eckstein may have been misconstrued as a trade rumor.  Apparently he was just discussing scouting and how Eckstein was a talent from the Boston system.  I have to be careful with broadcast rumors I did not hear myself; my aplogies.

Tonight, color commentator Al Hrabosky mentioned on the FSN Midwest broadcast that the Red Sox were scouting David Eckstein.  Eckstein led off tonight in the Cardinals’ defeat of the Brewers.

Eckstein is hitting .298/.339/.362 this year for the Cardinals, not too far from career levels.  He’s spent some time on the DL this year with back pain.  The elfish 32 year-old is part of a weak free agent crop for shortstops that also includes Omar Vizquel, Juan Uribe, and Cesar Izturis (most likely).

The Red Sox, however, are locked in with Julio Lugo through 2010.  Lugo hasn’t been hitting much in the past week but his bat finally came alive this month with an .875 OPS.

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