Jose Contreras Clears Waivers

The trusty Players Who Have Cleared Waivers post has been updated again.  The latest edition: Jose Contreras.’s Jon Heyman says Contreras’s last two scoreless outings may put him in a positive light in the eyes of some teams.  Heyman specifically names the Dodgers as a team that might get involved.

Still, it was only two appearances, and Contreras is signed through 2009.  He makes $10MM in each of the ’08 and ’09 seasons.  I imagine the White Sox would have to eat half the contract, or take on a bloated salary in return.  How about Nomar?  Garciaparra’s $8.5MM salary in ’08 could balance out some of Contreras’s.  Nomar could play some third base; Josh Fields could try left field.  Just thinking aloud.  The Dodgers could also consider trying to pass Rafael Furcal through waivers; he makes $13MM in ’08 and currently sports a .707 OPS.

The ugliest contract on the Mariners belongs to Richie Sexson, but the White Sox would have nowhere to play him.  The Braves could try to send Mike Hampton over; would that make sense?  Hampton hasn’t pitched in the bigs since ’05 but expects to be ready for the 2008 season.

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