Red Sox Must Make Room For Buchholz

Pitching phenom Clay Buchholz remains on track to start a game of Boston’s doubleheader against the Angels on Friday.  However, the Red Sox will first need to make room on the 40-man roster.  Active roster as well, as far as I can tell.  I am no roster expert, so correct me if I am wrong.  But it seems that moving Brendan Donnelly to the 60-day DL would open up room on the 40-man. Coco Crisp and David Ortiz‘s injuries don’t seem to merit the 15-day DL, so they’d still need to find room on the active roster.

One option, according to both the Boston Globe and Hartford Courant, is to trade or DFA Wily Mo Pena.  DFAs are a good way to clear up roster space while buying time to make a decision on a player.  Pena has already cleared waivers and can be traded to any team.  I haven’t heard any recent rumors on interested teams though. 

There hasn’t been much talk of cutting Eric Hinske, though he’s a free agent after the season.  I suppose the reason the Sox want him over Wily Mo is that they want to promote Bobby Kielty but don’t need five active outfielders.

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