Could Bonds Join Royals, Devil Rays?

Barry Bonds has a stated desire to win a World Series before his finishes his career.  That doesn’t gel with the idea of joining a last-place team like the Royals or Devil Rays.  However, he may have to decide between non-contenders and retirement.

Last week when the Giants told Bonds he wasn’t welcome in 2008, I analyzed the situations of the 14 American League teams’ DH spots.  The Orioles, Royals, Angels, A’s and Rangers seemed the most likely fits.  I didn’t like the D-Rays for Bonds because they’ve already got all three outfield spots filled and have to find playing time for Jonny Gomes and Rocco Baldelli at DH.

However, Buster Olney is intrigued by the idea of Bonds in Tampa Bay.  In Olney’s view, Bonds would basically split time at DH with Baldelli, pushing Gomes out of the starting picture (perhaps he’d be traded).  That’s reasonable if the price is right.  But keep in mind John Shea’s note, that Bonds wouldn’t have gone to St. Petersburg had the Giants moved there in 1993.  Beggars can’t be choosy though. 

Bob Dutton also wrote about the possibility of Bonds joining the Royals next year.  Dutton says the Royals have $30MM coming off the books.  Billy Butler could play maybe 120 games at first base and 40 at DH in ’08.   The heart of this order could put up some runs, though you’d like to see some kind of offense coming out of left field or shortstop:

David DeJesus – CF
Mark Grudzielanek – 2B
Barry Bonds – DH
Billy Butler – 1B
Alex Gordon – 3B
Mark Teahen – RF
John Buck – C
Joey Gathright – LF
Tony Pena Jr. – SS

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