Do You Have A Blog?

If you spend a chunk of your time putting your heart and soul into a blog, you probably crave more readers.  If you didn’t want readers, you’d probably just write a diary. 

If you happen to have your own sports blog (especially a baseball one), BlogRush might be useful.  You can see the BlogRush box now on my sidebar toward the bottom.  This box basically pulls up recent posts from blogs it feels may be relevant to my readers.  Each time you refresh, it pulls up five new links.  Since I just put it in, it’s not incredibly targeted.  It’s basically just showing sports blogs that are in the BlogRush network. 

For every pageview I give to BlogRush, MLBTR gets one on another site on their network.  So it’s a way of kind of sharing traffic among related bloggers. The video on their site explains it better than I just did.  If you have a sports blog, you should consider signing up for BlogRush through this referral link.  It could bring you some more traffic and there’s nothing to lose.  Everything is free and it took me about two minutes start to finish.  I have no idea if this will be cool or worth keeping on MLBTR so feel free to give me your thoughts on it. 

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