Pedro Feliz Looking For Two Years

Pedro Feliz is making about $5.4MM this year.  Has he been worth it?  He’s hitting an ugly .249/.287/.421 while supplying what some consider to be Gold Glove defense.  I am not a regular Feliz observer, so Giants fans feel free to weigh in.

It seems like nothing’s changed with Feliz, but as John Shea notes, he is making better contact in this his age 32 season.  I’m surprised that hasn’t resulted in a better batting average.

If you subscribe to the Baseball Prospectus line of thinking, Feliz’s awful OBP actually results in negative offensive value.  Even with the 20 home runs every year, he’s doing more harm than good to the offense.

Feliz, however, is hoping to snag a two-year deal from the Giants this time around.  I imagine he’s looking for $12MM or so.  I hope Brian Sabean resists the temptation and lets him go.  The Bonds-less 2008 Giants are going to be desperate for OBP, and Feliz detracts from that goal.  In my opinion, it’s time to let Feliz walk and use Rich Aurilia at third base because, well, the Giants are stuck with him.

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