Nats Like Andruw, Livan, Jennings, Colon, Glavine

UPDATE, EVENING OF 11-6-07:’s Bill Ladson has some more good Nationals information.  His source says that both Livan Hernandez and Tom Glavine are interested in the club, but they only have the budget for one of them.  Glavine makes more sense.  Ladson also mentions that Bowden has his eye on Rocco Baldelli, and idea I like.  I can’t really think of a great match for a trade though.   


According to the Washington Post, Nationals president Stan Kasten recently met with Andruw Jones at the center fielder’s home in Atlanta.  Kasten, of course, was formerly president of the Braves.

Kasten’s contact with Jones is described as "extremely preliminary."  That makes sense, since technically the two parties are not allowed to talk dollars and cents.  But come on – it’s not like Andruw’s house is bugged by MLB.  The Nationals’ open-minded pledge has already led them to contact Torii Hunter and Aaron Rowand as well.

Barry Svrluga also reports that the Nats have touched base with three starters: Livan Hernandez, Jason Jennings, and Bartolo Colon.  The team’s desire to get a veteran starter on a one-year deal probably rules out a return of Livan.  But Jennings or Colon could definitely work.  I imagine Livan is going to wait until Carlos Silva signs before inking a contract.

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