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Padres Rumors: Crisp, Pie, Andruw, Eckstein

Tom Krasovic continues to set the standard for Padres inside information.  Today's column is especially delicious for rumor junkies, with tons of new material to chew on.

  • Kevin Towers expects to fill his center field vacancy via trade.  He may first want to wait to see if Mike Cameron accepts the team's upcoming offer of arbitration.  Cameron is a Type B free agent.  Remember that he will be limited to 137 games in '07. 
  • As for trade candidates, Coco Crisp is on the radar but the Padres smartly won't part with Chase Headley
  • Krasovic notes that Bud Black's connection with Angels manager Mike Scioscia could play a role now that Trader Bill Stoneman isn't the GM.  Reggie Willits or Nathan Haynes might be in play for the Padres.
  • The Padres really seem to like Felix Pie, and could re-open talks that would include Khalil Greene.  They've asked about Tony Gwynn Jr. of the Brewers in the past.  And it does sound like the Royals are willing to talk about David DeJesus.
  • Sounds like the Padres will offer Andruw Jones $14-16MM on a one-year contract.  Scott Boras hasn't seemed open to this with Jones, but time will tell.
  • The Tigers will have competition from the Padres for Geoff Jenkins.  Krasovic envisions a Jenkins/Scott Hairston platoon in left and expects the Friars to make an offer.
  • Two starters will be acquired even after Greg Maddux is retained.  Rehabbing former Mark Prior and Matt Clement would both like to play in San Diego.  There has to be some sort of cosmic rule about having three ex-Cubs in the rotation.  That is not recommended.  Plus the Padres were on Curt Schilling's list.  And don't forget the team's previous trade interest in Josh Towers, who seems likely to be non-tendered and could be solid in PETCO.
  • The Padres could pursue David Eckstein as a second baseman and leadoff man.  But that would seemingly block Matt Antonelli for longer than necessary.  Plus such a switch wouldn't be in Eckstein's best interests financially.
  • Towers likes Jason Kendall, perhaps as a backup, but faces opposition in the organization.
  • In another article, Towers lends credence to the theory that the Marlins could sign Alex Rodriguez


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the padres can have coco puffs, his service with the red sox is no longer needed because i don't think he'll want to come off the bench and i believe his contract increases in 08 paying him 6 or 7 million thats to much for a bench player

The fact that Coco is on the block is the worst-kept secret in baseball, and that alone may a reason to pursue him. The Padres, Braves and Twins are among the teams that could use him, but there are other (even cheaper) options available through trade, and that might drive down his cost in terms of prospects.

I think it will take a GM who covets Covelli Loyce the way Theo Epstein coveted Drew to wrangle some value.

Once everything comes full-circle, the Red Sox might be paying Edgar Renteria to play in Detroit for a couple of never-will prospects and a bag of baseballs.

as a cubs fan it would not bother me if they trade pie. he is a great player but i think his true value may take a few more years and CF is actually the deepest position for the cubs minor leagues

I like Pie alot, but I was a bit surprised when Khalil Greene's name was dropped. We don't have another shortstop on the club or in the high minors, and the market for SS this year is very weak. Pie is a talented player, but the gain of adding him in CF will not offset the loss of an Oscar Robles or overpaid free agent at SS. Keep in mind that Greene was 3rd in the MLB in HR and RBI and plays plus defense. His OBP is low and seemingly getting lower every year, but I'd much prefer to give up someone else besides Greene. Maybe Kouz? He'd be much easier to replace.

As a Dodgers fan, I would hate to see Towers pitching for the Padres. He would thrive in that ballpark.

Akula, if you want Felix Pie from Chicago, you're gonna need to give up a lot. The Cubs value Pie a lot, and i dont think they wanna wiff on a second top CF prospect after Corey Patterson. I think they'll hold on to him unless they get blown away, otherwise known as something like Khalil Greene, Heath Bell and a prospect. And even then im almost positive another team would beat that offer

The problem with giving up Greene, though is that you're filling one hole by creating another. Trading Kouzmanoff for a CF makes more sense, because of the presence of Headley, whereas there's no SS on Greene's heels to replace him. The Cubs have Ramirez entrenched at third and Vitters long-term, so it's just not a great fit.

Wow I didn't expect to see this many Padre rumors today.

- I don't see many options the Friars have via trade market as those who are signed, probably won't be let go by the team. That's why I think the most logic choice is to offer Mike arbitration or give Andruw a big one-year deal.
- Coco Crips is good but it's not what we need right now. He plays good defense but we also need the bat. Coco just has half of that.
- Felix Pie seems to have some potential, I would love if we could get him and Tony Gwynn Jr. via trade, I just don't want them to part with Khalil.
- We could have a marvelous rotation next year with Peavy/Young/Maddux/Towers/Clement. That would own and could easily make us have the best one in the NL.
- I like David Eckstein, and would love the signing if we wasn't to have Antonelli almost ready on the Majors. That's why I think Loretta is the answer.
- Jason Kendall..yuck. How about acquiring Rob Bowen back?

Does anyone else have a hard time getting excited about the Padres? I would hate to watch a poor offense struggle tremendously in a huge park and just make it into the playoffs some years because of a weak divison and pretty good pitching. Everything about them is just boring.

I would much rather support a team in a "tough" division that has terrible pitching and never makes it to the playoffs.

Some people actually enjoy watching Peavy and Young or can appreciate Greene's developing bat and amazing glove.

I guess with a mid-market budget you have to pick your philosophy and go for it. San Diego fans have had a lot to root for over the past 5-7 years.

explain to me how they arent exciting.......khalils defense, gonzo is a young stud just realizing his potential, milton livened it up this year, cameron is awesome in center hairston is young and has aknack for the dramatic, and our pitching is dominant.

we had a better record than like 22 teams and had only 1 loss more than the phils.

so i'd be more worried about the 22 teams that are worse than we are.

keep your bias to yourself, san diego fans dont go around shitting on your team everywhere you turn

yeah even though i hate the pods, i don't see how you can call them boring. they have some good young hitters, great pitching and defense. "The NL West is weak" is getting really old, btw. Its now an extremely competitive and deep division and will be for several years.

The NL is still vastly inferior to the AL. The Sox owned the Rox because NL teams just dont stack up against AL teams.

There's some truth to what you're saying, themfightnwords. The AL East and Central are easily the best divisions in baseball, but I'd put the NL West third behind them. Also, I am a Padres season-ticket holder and I agree the team is somewhat boring. 2-0 and 3-1 games simply aren't that interesting. However, I'm still a huge fan and we're winning, which is the most important thing.

On the rumors: I would like WIllits the best out of all the players mentioned. He hits well, draws walks, runs well, plays good defense and loves the game. We could use a good leadoff hitter like him, and he's a sparkplug if ever there were one (I mean come on... the man LIVED IN A BATTING CAGE in the minors).

"Does anyone else have a hard time getting excited about the Padres? I would hate to watch a poor offense struggle tremendously in a huge park and just make it into the playoffs some years because of a weak divison and pretty good pitching. Everything about them is just boring. "

Lmao, this is a funny statement. I can agree from an entertainment offensive minded standpoint of what you are saying, but take it from this point of view. The padres due have a lackluster lineup, but their pitching and ballpark keep them from being boring in a few ways. The pitching allows for many 3-2, 4-3, 2-1 games that are very close all the way throught the game, and i personally like close low scoring games than close high scoring games. The reason why is that if hitters have success after success after success against pitchers, you know what to expect. However, if both teams hitters are struggling, then you can have a game-changing break in so many more ways.

Also, petco takes away the homerun better than almost any other ballpark, so its fun to see teams adjust to the smallball mentality and play fundamental baseball. I consider that enjoyable to watch.

So, as long as this padres formula is boring, i think they will not mind, because that also means they are winning. If you want any proof of how boring and fundamentally sound play can prove to be successful in the sports world, I think san antonio has a pretty nice working formula in their neck of the woods.

Also here is my formula for the padres-

offensively- FIRST OFF: THE PADRES DO NOT NEED TO FOCUS SOLELY ON POWER, they sincerely do not need it, while it may be considered an excuse, it is a fact for the pads: their ballpark will not allow them to outpower teams, they need to contruct a team around speed and high OBP,around guys who play sound d and can support the strength of the team, the pitching staff

with that being saiddo not go after another guy who gives you low average with only power as an asset and declining range in center, trade for a younger guy who can play center, my suggestion would be willits from the angels or crisp from the bosox, and use kouz along with a reliever to get it done, you can always find cheap effective pitching for that park, and kouz is blocking a better player, which can either be considered as headly or....

signing mike lowell, the guy can field, hits for average, is a veteran, gives you a nice power addition, is a good teammate, and knows how to pplay the game, he is a very nice middle of the order addition, and on top of that, if you cannot get him, go sign aaron rowand, who is about three years younger, can solve your centerfield problem while also hitting for a high average....

another good signing, david eckstin, now i know that they have antonotti or what ever his name is, but i really think ecstien is a surpurb signing, even more so if you can get him to play second, he knows how to get on base, hits for average, can play small ball with the best of them, and so on....

Also, why not take the money and make some low investment, low risk, high rewards type signings, such as prior, colon, or garcia, hell the effect of these pitchers if they can get back healthy will be eleveated in the park you play in, you have enough pitching to cover your ass if the signing does not work out, and the low amount of money you spent in the first place on the risky pitching will not be considered a significat adjustment to the payroll...

All in all, the padres just need to get faster, higher average guys who can play defense, and must continue to play to their strength of being the deepest pitching staff in the league, small ball, defense, and good pitching still have a place in this league, as the angels, cards, marlins, whitesox all had the ability to be very efficient in all three of those categories over the past 6 or 7 years

Since the topic has kind of drifted onto the Padres power, or lack their of, I thought I'd throw this out there (stats compiled by Ducksnorts):

MLB Road Home Runs in 2007

Brewers: 110
Padres: 99
Phillies: 97
Yankees/A’s/Braves/Mets: 94
Source: ESPN.

MLB Road Doubles in 2007

Padres: 196
Braves: 194
Tigers: 188
Phillies: 180
Yankees: 176
Source: ESPN.

MLB Road Extra Base Hits in 2007

Padres: 307
Braves: 302
Phillies: 297
Yankees: 291
Tigers: 284

We just need to fill in the black holes that were LF (Hariston and MB get my vote here) and 2B, bring in a STRONG defensive CF, and improve the back end of the rotation and we should be a much better ball club.

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