Padres Seek Arms, Bats, Won’t Pursue Lowrie

Padres GM Jed Hoyer told Dan Hayes of the North County Times that the Padres will have to acquire some innings at some point, but could do so in August (Twitter link).  The Padres are looking to preserve the arms of young starters such as Mat Latos and Clayton Richard, so they're eyeing innings eaters. Jake Westbrook will likely be available next month, but it's doubtful that Livan Hernandez will clear waivers.

The Padres, who acquired Miguel Tejada earlier today, are also looking for outfielders, according to Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports (via Twitter). They have allowed fewer runs (341) than any team in baseball, but have scored fewer runs (435) than every NL team except the Cubs, Astros, Pirates and Nationals.

San Diego "kicked the tires" on Jed Lowrie, but will not pursue him, according to Alex Speier of

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  1. Obscurity 5 years ago

    Bobby Abreu or Juan Rivera to Padres?

    • Ferrariman 5 years ago

      bobby abreu makes some sense.

      • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

        As much sense as signing Gary Matthews Jr. to a 10yr/$1 Trillion deal. Seriously though, I think the Angels should keep him…On base machine, still some speed, a guy who the Angels like to have on their team and the Angels love those kinds of players. He’s also under contract for 2 1/2 more seasons and their is nothing that tells me that the Angels won’t be able to win with him on the club during that time.

  2. billski8 5 years ago

    Here come Livan Hernandez and Miguel Tejada to ruin everything San Diago has done this season… (San Diago… German for “A Whale’s …”)

    • TheReturnOfMrBlanks 5 years ago

      ya I’m sure they will single handedly ruin everything Mr. Dramatic.. Miggy is going to help… if they can get Livan an only pitch him at Petco that might work.. stop being so negative

      • Explain exactly how Tejada is going to help the Padres? He doesn’t hit better than anyone but Cabrera or Stairs on the Padres roster and he played the worst defense at 3B in the AL this season after playing some of the worst shortstop in the NL last season.

        So tell me again how he will help?

  3. There is no reason the Padres shouldn’t be in the hunt for Lilly or Guthrie now. Good innings eaters that won’t cost an arm and a leg…

    • mrsjohnmiltonrocks 5 years ago

      I was thinking that Ted Lilly would be a great fit for the Twins because of his strike throwing ways and the Mets because of his fly balling ways.

      How could I completely forget about the Padres? Strike thrower? Check. Fly balls? Bring ’em on. He’d be even more perfect for Petco!

  4. Mitch_Cole173 5 years ago

    Here’s how the Lowrie talks probably went:

    “Hey, Theo. It’s Jed.”
    “Oh hey Jed, how ya been? We haven’t talked since my last Gonzalez proposal. You’re not looking to give him to me are ya?”
    “Keep dreamin’ bud. Listen, my team could use some depth in the infield, and I wanted to see how that kid Lowrie’s doin’.”
    “You want Lowrie? You can’t be serious?”
    “Nope, I’m dead serious. Listen, what would it cost me, about, to get the kid.”
    “Hell, ship over some money for his contract and we have ourselves a – Jed? You there? Huh, must’ve lost connection. Oh well.”

  5. why would the padres want hernandez or westbrook? it baffles me that they would give up anything for one of those two when they could simply promote luebke and then go to a six man to slow down everyone’s innings. is a six man rotation too innovative?

    • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

      I see what you are saying, but if any team has a 6-man, it dissorients the pitchers for example, Ricky Romero pitched every friday in college…It took him 2 horrible seasons in the minors before he got used to pitching every 5th day.

    • The problem with simply promoting Luebke is that Luebke will have his innings limited this season as well. The Padres want an expendable arm they can throw away and dont care whether or not the guy gets injured.

  6. I wouldn’t mind Edwin Jackson to go to San Diego. He is much better on the road than he is at home due to his inflated HR/9 at home. PETCO park is a great place for a flyball pitcher.

  7. MoveInTheFences 5 years ago

    We can worry about pitching after the deadline or go with what we have. Go get another bat! Willingham, Dunn, Berkman… PLEASE!

    • marinest21 5 years ago

      No thanks on Berkman. Guy is a slug and won’t play anywhere else but the OF with you know who at 1B. Plus he is expensive and having a down year. Same thing with Dunn. The Hammer would be awesome.

  8. Beersy 5 years ago

    I think they blew it by getting Tejada. He just doesn’t fit with what they Padres are all about. Good pitching, good defense and good base running. I know he can’t pitch, but he can’t do the other 2 very well either. I hope they do not plan on having him at short and if they plan on moving headley back to the outfield they may as well just give him away because it would show they have no confidence in him. I hope I’m wrong about Tejada.

    As for the pitching, never mind waiting around for the guys left over that nobody wanted, go and get somebody who can start helping this team immediately. Lilly would be a great fit, but would probably cost to much. What is the asking price for Guthrie these days? I would have liked a deal that included both Tejada and Guthrie alot more then the one we got.

  9. It never ceases to amaze me how many people fail to take into account park factors when they post things about # of runs scored or batting average.

    Get a clue Ben. You are supposed to be more informed than the average fan.

  10. RBomb2844 5 years ago

    The Padres could try and flip Miggy to the Cards. The Cards need middle infield help and are high on Tejada. Plus, the Padres need outfield help and with Ludwick off the DL the Cards have 4 starting outfielders and only 3 spots. This would probably never happen, of course, because I can’t see Jon Jay, Colby Rasmus, or Ludwick going. The only ones the Cards would move would be Winn or Stavinoah (who is injured anyway) and I doubt the Padres would want them.

  11. Obscurity 5 years ago

    I have to disagree. The Angels are sellers, even Tony Reagins confirmed that they are in a mode where they can dump older veterans for younger players. Anyway, the Derek Lee (almost) trade was before Callaspo and before Haren.

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