Rangers Rumors: Rogers, Gagne, Hunter

MLB.com’s T.R. Sullivan has some new info regarding the Rangers’ plans this offseason.

  • Kenny Rogers has already had three separate stints with the Rangers, the last one ending with the cameraman incident. The Rangers would like to bring him back for a fourth tour, if the price is right.  One emailer speculated that the team also wouldn’t mind an apology to management for the incident, also.  Sullivan says the Mariners, Phillies, Dodgers, and Mets may also have Rogers on the radar.  Seems like Ned Colletti is letting bygones be bygones with Scott Boras.  UPDATE: Boras reiterated tonight that the Tigers are Rogers’ priority.  He seemingly wants one year and $10MM.
  • The Rangers have interest in another Boras client, Eric Gagne.  I think I read this in ESPN Magazine recently – how about re-signing him and flipping him all over again at the ’08 deadline?
  • Owner Tom Hicks and GM Jon Daniels had dinner with Torii Hunter tonight.  I heard they had the roast beef.  The Rangers will make an offer later this week, though they’ll have to top whatever the White Sox come up with.
  • The Rangers also want to bring back Jamey Wright for the ‘pen.

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