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Rays' Kazmir May Be Available

The week in hot stove kicks off with a bang: Joel Sherman of the New York Post has a source saying the Devil Rays might listen to offers for ace lefty Scott Kazmir.  Kazmir turns 24 in January and carries a 3.64 career ERA despite pitching in the AL East.  He's been particularly tough on the Red Sox (2.66 ERA in 101 innings).  You have to think that if the Yankees are entertaining making an offer for Johan Santana, they'd consider Kazmir as well if the Rays would deal within the division.

Sherman notes that Kazmir is under contract for three years as opposed to just one for Santana, which could equate the two pitchers in the marketplace.  Erik Bedard, under control for two years, has to be in that group of elite, possibly available southpaws as well.  Sherman believes the Rays would seek "multiple high-end pitchers" for Kazmir, who is entering arbitration for the first time this winter.  The Yankees could offer a package starting with Phil Hughes, but the Mets don't seem to have the goods.  It would take a pitcher of that nature - Hughes, Yovani Gallardo, Clay Buchholz.  Otherwise, why would the Rays consider it? 

Sherman also echoes the surprising notion that Tim Lincecum could be had for the right bat.  He speculates that the Giants could pursue Carl Crawford or Delmon Young as the return.  Hey, our Delmon speculation is catching on!

Sherman indicates that the Twins may be compelled to hold onto Santana, afraid of fan backlash if they also lose Torii Hunter.  Meanwhile, another Santana, Ervin, might be had for a bat if the Angels can't sign Alex Rodriguez.  Sherman's sources say any club in the A-Rod sweepstakes will move slowly in the market because his contract would dictate the team's available budget.

Also notable from Sherman's rumor-packed column:  teams may wait for the Mitchell Report to come out before engaging in serious talks for Miguel Tejada.  I've read speculation that MLB could release this report soon as a way of limiting free agent spending.  Also, isn't it about time for Jose Canseco's next book, which supposedly has "other stuff" on Alex Rodriguez?


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Well, i would think the rays would actually try to extend Kazmir before they put him on the market, but I do not know if those talks failed or even if they had tried at all. The rays have the best fit for the giants if they are serious about lincecum (I still do not get that), and they have the depth to still be productive while trading away a talent such as crawford or delmon. Man, if they could get lincecum and decide to hang on to kazmir, all of the sudden they are a legit contender.

Well, make that a team that could be a contender, the talent may still be a little too young.

According to Canseco's attorney, the new book is "dead" because there's "no interest in it", as is his proposed reality series. Thank god.


The Rays should really hang to Kazmir.

I don't know if giving up Delmon Young is in their best interests. Young, Crawford, Longoria are/should be their hitting core for the next 5-6 years.

They should really get rid of Baldelli/Gomes/Dukes for a pitcher. With Price, Niemann, Shields and Kazmir they only need one more starter and they have the #1 pick again this year.

Baldelli/Gomes/Dukes for a young would be closer + bullpen arms seems best.

this is probably gonna get pounced on, but i'm desperate for some excitement with my stros. here's a 3-way i propose. i'm gonna assume that the dodgers don't get tejada or cabrera or fill their need for a slugger at third

astros get kazmir
dodgers get carlos lee
rays get kershaw, broxton, meloan

stros get a #2 guy, dodgers get a slugger coming off an mvp caliber year, rays get an ace starter prospect plus two young back of the bullpen arms. i can dream, right?

Getting rid of Kazmir doesn't make any sense unless the Rays feel they are at least 3 years away from making a serious run.

give up carlos lee to get scott kazmir?

Yeah I'm sure the dodgers are interested in that wonderful (and especially balanced) trade

not to mention Carlos Lee's got a full no-trade clause through 2010

You mention Yovani Gallardo,
I doubt he is going anywhere. I wouldnt even trade Gallardo for Kazmir straight up. I think I would rather have Yovani or Kazmir my self.

Make that I would rather have Yovani rather than Kazmir myself.

even without the astros included in that deal, i don't see how the rays could resist if the dodgers threw broxton and kershaw at them. kershaw could plug into kazmir's spot in the rotation, and broxton could give them a legit closer. broxton alone could really solidify their young team, let alone if they could pry meloan out of it

the dodgers wanted santana supposedly. granted he's the top pitcher r/n, but why not throw the same type of package at kazmir if they want a frontline starter?

Does anyone realize that someone actually proposed giving up Clayton Kershaw, Jonathan Broxton and Jonathan Meloan for Carlos Lee? I mean are you kidding? Lee has a shitty contract, he's getting older, he's getting fatter, and you're gonna trade him for maybe the best pitching prospect in baseball in Kershaw, as well as two bonafide top relief prospects in Broxton and Meloan. That's the dumbest thing i've ever heard. That seems more like the offer they would send for Miggy Cabrera

and i later edited it to kershaw and broxton for kazmir genius...

"An executive familiar with Tampa’s thinking"

This is pure speculation by somebody that is not even in the Rays front office and is being blown out of proportion by Joel Sherman because he had nothing better to write about and he loves when people talk about him.

Kid K is NOT available

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