Rivera, Posada, Lowell To Hit Open Market?

Brian Cashman was unable to reach an agreement with either of his big-name free agents tonight.  Both Mariano Rivera and Jorge Posada will hit the open market despite receiving improved offers from the Yankees.  Rivera hinted that he could follow Joe Torre to the Dodgers.  That seems an unlikely way for the Dodgers to spend $40MM+.

Honestly I thought the Yankees would extend themselves to get both deals done by midnight tonight.  I’m surprised to see this pair hit the open market, where any team is liable to overpay.  Peter Abraham speculates that Posada might require four years, $56MM, because that’s what Mike Lowell wants.

Speaking of Lowell – the Red Sox don’t seem willing to stretch to add that fourth year.  They’re still negotiating, so maybe something creative can be done before Lowell starts fielding offers from other clubs.

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