Rosenthal’s Latest: Andruw, Rowand, Castillo

Ken Rosenthal has cranked out another rumor-filled column.  A summary is below.

  • The Marlins are insisting on Howie Kendrick in a Miguel Cabrera deal.  The Angels are understandably reluctant.
  • The Nationals could sign Andruw Jones long-term if they felt it was a bargain – say, $13MM a year.  The Giants, White Sox, and Padres may be in the mix as well.  Hmmm, White Sox and Boras?  And if Scott Boras changes his tune and hunts for a one-year "rebuild value" contract for Jones, the Red Sox could get involved. 
  • The Phillies think Aaron Rowand will end up getting a 4/52 contract, though Rosenthal expects him to get the fifth guaranteed year.  It’s previously been reported that Rowand is looking for a six-year, $84MM deal. Yikes.
  • Aside from the Astros and Mets, the Indians, Padres, and Dodgers could get in on Luis Castillo.  In the Tribe’s case, it would involve a scenario where Jhonny Peralta was dealt.
  • Interesting note on Curt Schilling‘s $2MM in weight incentives – the target weights are aggressively low, and the weigh-ins will be done randomly.  So, no cheating the system.  By the way, isn’t it ridiculous that one Cy vote gets him $1MM?  Sportswriters have given out single votes on a whim for much dumber reasons.
  • The Red Sox are apparently asking a lot for Coco Crisp, more than the Twins are ready to give up.
  • The Indians and Brewers have an excess of starters.  Names that could hit the market include Cliff Lee, Dave Bush, and Chris Capuano.  The Nationals have their eye on Lee.  He came up as an Expo through Double A.
  • The Nationals might be able to get something good for outfielder Ryan Church.  In general, Jim Bowden desires a young MLB-ready starter like Kevin Mulvey or Kevin Slowey.

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