Thoughts On The Cordero Signing

The only thing between Francisco Cordero and a massive four-year, $46MM deal with the Reds is a physical.  John Fay notes that the Reds are taking payroll up past $80MM, $5MM more than he’d previously speculated.  Might the Reds take it even higher to add a Carlos Silva type?  They could always backload a contract, too.

The Brewers have to be annoyed that their two Type A free agent relievers signed with protected 2008 first-round picks.  What’s worse, Cordero improves one of their direct competitors.

We can talk about Cordero being overpaid, about how he’ll earn $165K per inning.  But at least the Reds acknowledged that David Weathers isn’t the shut-down arm you want in the ninth inning.

The Cordero signing helps, but the team’s biggest need remains unaddressed.  Reds’ starters posted a 5.10 ERA in 2007, worst in the NL.  I like Arroyo and Harang at the top, and don’t mind Belisle/Bailey/Cueto at the back.  Add a solid starter and it’s fair to call the Reds a contender.  A.J. Burnett could make sense, as a top groundball pitcher who’s considered available.  And why can’t the Reds mix it up for the big names like Santana, Bedard, Blanton, and Haren? 

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